The Piss-what is a good roll?

I JUST GOT ONE TO DROP! I am so lucky. It was ASE 50% fire. Thoughts?

best is 150% extra grenade damage perk i think as i got 1 with 150% extra grenade damage perk myself

Thanks for the advice.

The thrown anoint 25% damage. As Piss grenade debuffs the enemy by making them take 20% more damage, the thrown anoint buffs you by 25%.


Totally depends on your VH and the build.

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That’s only decent on a grenade that already does high damage. It’s not even in the same league as “on grenade thrown” or ASE on a utility grenade like It’s Piss.

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You either want the throw 25% damage anoint or one of the ASE elemental anoints. It will depend on the VH and build, both those are the best 2 for that grenade.

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