The plague of the nerf

There are a few very serious issues I am now having with gearbox…

First, when did they turn into Bungo?

Second, what are they thinking with all these nerfs and item balances when the real issues are in the performance?

Lastly, wasn’t the entirety of the game supposed to be based on how much fun you can have with it?

To finish off, I am completely aware that some issues with fl4k needed to be addressed. Wouldn’t you think it to be most pressing to fix the fact that xbox 1x literally turn off because of the game? Spend money on a game that’s glitchy, cool I love the franchise, so I did. However I strongly disagree with the direction in which they are moving towards. I hate to say it but if it continues I will be going back to the crap pile that is destiny. At least there they have a pvp aspect that creates a need for a balance. Not just because “They were never intended to be so easy to kill.” .

"Don’t rattle the clamps…



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