The Platinum Club!

The game’s been out for three weeks now, which is ample time for the sweatiest among us to have gotten the Platinum Trophy, or whatever the XBOX/PC equivalents are! I know I wasn’t the first in my community to get it, and I know a few forum members have it, so who among you has the Ultimate Vault Hunter achievement and who is striving for it? How many hours did it take? Do you need help with an achievement?

Let’s see how many members we have, and make it a community effort to induct as many new members as we can!

wtf is that… also there is no UVHM soooo no one should have it?

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Sadly, I have multiple bugged achievements on Xbox, so it’s not possible for me to reach 1000 gamerscore (the equivalent of a platinum trophy on PS4).

I think the Ultimate Vault Hunter is the description of the Platinum Trophy not a game mode in BL3

The Platinum Trophy is the achievement for earning all other trophies, or achievements, on PS4. It is called Ultimate Vault Hunter.

I’ll add a screenshot to the post.

I’m waiting for Ultimate Vault Hunter to be fixed before I get the last achievement I need.

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What do you mean by waiting for it to be fixed, and what’s your last needed achievement?

It’s unobtainable as of now, getting all achievements will not trigger the final one.
The one I still need is 100 tediore kills, which I’m purposefully avoiding so I don’t end up unable to re-trigger the achievement when it is finally obtainable

I have it and know of four others who do, I haven’t heard of it being unobtainable :frowning:

Are you on Xbox, or are you talking about the Platinum trophy on PS?
Because on Xbox it still says a whopping 0.00% have it

Ooohh my b. Rip Xbox :frowning:

Well, close enough, consider yourself an honourary inductee!

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Not your bad, I’m the one posting about achievements in the trophy thread lmao

Do you get it by 100% all maps?
I am in the process of 100% them all… so I wonder!? :smiley:

I got 101% on a map though… (a bug where I found 2 spawn point out of 1! :open_mouth: ) I hope it wont be a problem?! :open_mouth:

They fixed it yesterday. I have been waiting for it to be fixed since 19th of last month :slight_smile:


Here is mine.


Well… no achievements on Epic Games … I have 102% tho

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Thanks for telling me, who knows how long I’d go on thinking it wasn’t fixed yet.


The golden chest lol, my last one was the firing range.

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Currently at ~90% on PS4.

Missing 3,4 trophies, which I wasn´t able to unlock solo yet. -> Win a duel. ,
Get a perfect score at the Firing Range on any difficulty. (Seems like impossible for someone like me solo on console :D) and the Cistern of Slaughter arena (don´t know if it´s me or zane - but I just can´t do it. Sadly it seems to take hours for someone to join…)

Maybe there´s someone who would like to help me out at some time? Would appreciate.

Done it as well…

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