The playstyle of Toby

Now I’ve played toby, and I’ve read what people think of toby, and the current play style for toby is a sniper behind a shield.

I honestly don’t think this was intended, but I’m not sure. The reason why I don’t think hee’s supposed to be a sniper is because every character’s playstyle fits them. Toby doeesn’t seem like a sniper. His character model, his personality, how he is described. He seems like a ranged “brawler” style more so than a sniper. Kind of like montana. I think toby was supposed to be a medium-long range Territory holding character, kind of like galilea only with range and a little more mono-directional.

The reason he’s played as a sniper is because if he tries to hold a territory he gets killed. He has no push value because his shield instantly breaks in a skirmish, so he has to set up from far back. However, he’s too big to snipe well because he loses his sheild, and then he loses his range and then his damagee, and he has to run.

How I think he should be played when he is fixed:

I think toby will be able to use his thrusters to get into battle quickly (and in turn up his damage resistance a little) and set up a shield a little intrusively so that he and his teammates can have an advantage in the fight. Kind of like the ranged version of desecrate. His shield will either let players push harder by moving faster, or hold their position better with a little extra health and attack speed. His arc mine will help condense the battle field (by pulling or slowing) or allow him to sneak a free kill if it stuns a weak/already hurt player. In the end, His ultimate will probably be the ranged equivalent of dreadwind, a sweet damaging ult that does it with DoT (of course enemies can run away from it more easily and it can’t get multiple people at once but it would still be almost if not as strong as dreadwind, as it almost already is) His DPS won’t be overall higher than anyone elses, but his shield allows him to live longer and deal damage faster, meaning he can grab some kills. Imagine a more team player version of benedict, only grounded and without the extra aoes (but the extra defense). This is what I think Gearbox was going for, and one of the reasons they compare toby to benedict in the lore (if you’ve ever seen the lore achievement pictures)

Honestly, one thing that I think would be cool would be a little more anti z axis (anti air, jumping) just to play around with the benedict vs toby, but honestly, I just want toby to be territorial like I think gearbox wanted, instead of a sniper, because it doesn’t fit toby.

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I’ve never had a problem getting in people’s faces with Toby, so although he preforms BEST while behind his shield, it is not needed. The key to wrecking with Toby is the same as with Benedict: learning to lead your shots. Unlike with Benedict’s launcher, Toby has no splash, so he has a higher skill tier. IMHO, Toby is one of the strongest characters starting; if the enemy team levels faster than you, you’re gonna have a bad time. Also, Capture is NOT his game mode. Core discharge is his only flaw, but it is unfortunately a HUGE one.

You know I still think he doesn’t get in people’s face well just because his shots are a little too slow for having 0 splash and too big for being stationary and trying to shoot people who are moving behind things. However, contrary to what ive heard what I usually believe, turning on rumble with him has helped make him more useful. The super rumble when his railgun is fully charged is a fantastic indicator that he’s ready to fire (because with the blue shield the crosshair isn’t the most obvious thing since it turns the same color as the shield, and the other two are a bit too much out of the way for me when im focusing). I still think that having slow, charged projectiles without the weak shield is mainly his problem that pushes him back. In meltdown I have to sit where the marquis usually sits and take it slow if they’re not paying attention to me, if they see me I either run and live or fight and die. For being fairly on target with benedict (whom I’ve mastered) toby is just not attacking far or fast enough for his damage to be near adequate without his s heild. Of course I’m sure after many, many games I may get better, I’m already level 9-10 with him.

Well, travel-time isn’t an issue up close, but it really comes down to learning to land crits at close medium range; i’ve always been good with Toby in that regard, though i won’t lie: sometimes i get stomped trying a guerrilla playstyle with him.