The Pocket-Healed Tank/Healing Received Build

So I made a thing. A loadout, specifically. Technically, it works on all Eldrid except for Thorn (you lose a primary gear stat if you use this on her, attack speed, and while it affects draw speed, it’s not that useful for her).

For some reason I can’t go to right now, no worries though, I remember the effects of the gear.

  1. Uncommon-tier Eldrid Max Health Vest, unflawed.
    +280 Max Health
    +9.80% Healing Recieved after taking health damage
    Good survivability piece overall. Cheaper than the blue-tier max health vest. Alternatively, try a flawed version of the Eldrid Epic-tier max health vest. I think the flawed version comes with minus shield stats.

  2. Epic-tier Eldrid Healing Recieved Amulet, unflawed.
    +14.00% Healing Recieved
    +210 Max Health
    Truth be told, I don’t know what the flawed stats are, but the flawed version might be better if it’s -shield strength or -shield recharge.

  3. Legendary-tier Eldrid Attack Speed item that I Forgot The Name Of
    +8.40% Attack Speed
    +210 Max Health
    Eldrid Only: +9.80% Healing Received, or +14.00% Healing Received if surrounded by 3 or more enemies
    Ah, the shining star of this build. Good for damage/attack-based Alanis and Mikos, aight for Mellka if there’s a healer, awesome for Boldur and Kelvin. Kelvin in particular because if you play Boldur a lot, you’re no friend of mine.

My favorite to use this with is Kelvin. Get a friend to pocket you, preferably as Miko, and go to town. Don’t be reckless, of course, but make sure your healer buddy is nearby. When everything is in place, you will rack up 37-38% healing received. Get your bud to go full heal power. Eat faces.

I can see a few Chars that can use this but you’d die 10 times getting enough shards to activate these.

It’s green… epic/flawed epic… legendary.

It’s easy enough to get epic-epic-legendary… why would it be so bad to get green/epic/legendary?

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If you’re aiming to get the cluster deep in the enemy base propably yes, otherwise it’s pretty easy to gather shards for this loadout, even without giving up a huge chunk of field presence…
stay infield until 1 or more enemys are down and your team has advantage, use that window to get shards, you won’t activate all of it in the first 2 minutes but you’ll have it activated

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btw, give your friend this little mofo:


I have a friend who plays a decent Kelvin and we used to equip them both, it’s unbelivable how effective this is, the healing ticks of miko literally make him invincible, if I (miko) reach lvl 6 (helix middle) we can jump around in enemy bases without even getting to 50% life, even beatrix wound’s can’t stop us, implemented into your build… duuuuuude xD


I don’t have that, sadly, but my friend I use the loadout with does. He slapped it on Alani and went full wellspring heal power. He healed me for 3600 once.


yeah that item is pretty neat

For a pocket healer strategy it’s a good idea to include some damage reduction. It’s actually the best time for DR gear because you are going to be taking a ton of damage. If you end up taking 8,000 damage before you are finally killed, 4.2% DR will let you soak up an extra 336 damage. Over a 50% increase in effectiveness from the 210 points of health from the Epic Eldrid healing received.

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I have a UPR Hurt-Locket that gives damage reduction for 15 seconds after recovering from CC, actually I take it on Montana. I’ll probably slap that here, thanks for reminding me of that.