The population of multiplayer

Would you be able to roughly reveal was the current population of multiplayer is? You mentioned previously that SHiFT was a way of tracking online interaction and other statistics - Does it allow you to see what the peak amount of players per 24 hours is, on average, in the last month or so?

Can you reveal any information about that? Thanks.

Current population= 1-10 most days worldwide. Not very big but probably due to the wait for another patch…

Looking for the actual statistics, @nathanielmattock, rather that observations.

Steamspy and steamcharts shows a little increase on population lately, due the promo, but I don’t think that it affected the mp population.

As said, mp seems kinda empty lately a lot of players are waiting to the “beta” end, but I still think that the mp will get a big come back when the work is done, there is a lot of things going on, you guys have no idea, I’m excited about it. :slight_smile:

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I am taking a break from HWR until the beta has finished.

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That sounds great ! :slight_smile: I just hope we will see some of it rather sooner than later :frowning: I mean I can wait if its necessary, but I would really love to see an update (bit of an update junky^^).

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Personally, I don’t care about these numbers.

The only thing that matters is that I am actually able to get a game going. I’m happy as long as I can get a game going within 5 to 10 minutes. Of course, it depends on the timezone.

I’m concerned with these numbers due to my role at AMT, and likewise, the viability of the group actually performing it’s function.

From my observations at roughly every timezone, there’s barely anything going on, both on the thread for interest and in the actual game. Again, it’s not about being able to find a public match after a period of time, it’s about the ability to and the possibility of organizing a competitive event - While still having an audience large enough that it’d be worth it.

I would say it is probably best to wait for the next update. There are supposedly big changes coming to the game.

I will also go out on a limb and assume (gasps!) that they might even have some new promo stuff with the game allowing you to have more of a pool of active players to work with.

At the same time, I think you could probably get a small tourney going with some of the players that are currently active. Perhaps use it as practice for the bigger events later on? Food for thought. I hope it works out.

Im from UK and find the peak time is 22.00-24.00 GMT
Had about 12-16 people online. Thats enough for a tournament.

Id start by just doing a “One night only” style. Have signups from 19.00 to 21.00. Do 8 teams of 2. Then play the games from 21.00 to 02.00 , and maybe the Finals the day after.

The key is to start getting the competitive spirit back into the community. If people start “teaming” more, then there might be enough interest for your bigger style tournament but thats going to way off

hwr is taking a fallout break


You are dreaming man. I bought this game with the idea that it would be fully operational and sort of balanced within 2-3 months… This did not happen and like myself have abandoned this game because the devs dont get the time to fix the problems multiplayer had to begin with. They said it was beta but they launched a broken multiplayer part to start with. Slapping beta on it should have been a sign…

The launch already killed the community because it was BROKEN to begin with… I know a big part of rts players dont tend to go online but they really killed it for me and friends of mine. The fix took ages and so this game is dead.

Back to Company of heroes 2 for me!!! If the devs read this please look at how relic informs there community and fixes the game!

I can’t disagree to be honest.
I myself am on the edge of abandoning this title until the Beta sticker is removed and there’s reasonable evidence that the game is as operational as is reasonable in my mind.

It shouldn’t have released, or if it did, Early Access would’ve been a better idea in my mind.

I may be more patient than most.

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I’ll say! :smiley:

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I need to complete Fallout 4 before I can resume Life. This might take awhile.

From what I can see from my Hwr dominated friends list…this applies to many

I’m sure it certainly helps. It’s a good thing we have other games to indulge ourselves with.


Played some after being MIA for some months.
Saw about 10 people online, had 2 games in a row with less than 5 minutes of waiting and they were moderately good players too. Not bad.

Yeah, I’ve popped on for test games a few times in the past couple weeks and there always seem to be a good handful of people in games at the time.

There are certainly players online. You can find a game. Heartening news for sure, for now anyway.

Personally, I am choosing to wait. I can’t stand the one track to BC games and only played one game in the last 2 months. The new patch will certainly be a rude awakening to players who rely only on this strategy.