The Power Inside or Megavore?

I’m going down the sniper and fade tree but I don’t know witch capstone to go with. Here the build with enough points to go to the capstone for either

I love Megavore. Makes my Companion revolver even more of a beast.

Megavore stacks on crit spots so pick megavore

Depends on how you play/what bosses you are farming.

Personally, I already aim for crit spots and am confident enough at it that I’ve found megavore to be less of a game changer than power inside.

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Imo it depends what you want out of Fadeaway,sure Megavore does an odd stack thing but power inside will give you a huge boost in damage that you can’t get outside of the Master tree. A con of power inside is that Megavore has so much synergy with headcount you can easily get FA back in several seconds without having to actually work for the crits.