The Power Level Thread

Please post here if you are looking for levelling, or able to help. Make sure you include your PSN, times you’ll be on (including time zone), and which game(s).

Also, friendly reminder: no dupe requests; that includes requests/offers for ‘gear drops’ and any other euphemisms.

Finally, please check the date on posts before responding to them!


Can someone level me to 72 pls psn is fat-blobfish

Can someone help me level up really quick

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@bashvaldenegro - If you’re on PS4 I can get you to LVL72 and do a weapon drop but I’m rubbish on The peak.
PSN - Doc_Scott19


I’m on ps4

@bashvaldenegro - no problem. Add me or send me your PSN. Doc.

I sent you a friend request

Can someone host me and level me up please? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi - are you on PS4 or Xbox?

Im on ps4

I can boost you to LVL72 and do a weapon drop but I’m rubbish on Digistruct Peak so you would have to find someone else for that.
PSN - Doc_Scott19.

I dont mind not doing digistruct peak i just wanna lvl up since i lost my last save data

No problem. Add me or send me your PSN. Doc

Added but my psn- slayer_373

Hey can you power level me psn is fat blobfish I’m on rn

I can help level people

Hi, I’m looking for help power leveling. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!

PS4 - PSN: Hellfirekyuubi

i need help leveling my mecromancer to level 72 or as high as you wanna go psn Mystic_Deamon-

I will be on today between 2pm-6pm UK time.
Farming Hyperious @ lvl 72 for legendaries and power leveling.
Can farm other bosses if you need specific loot.
PSN - Doc_Scott19

Can u help me level up and get good loot pleaseee?? Ps- Mac_Gregor4