The 'pre-order reward' is broken?

I pre-ordered the game. I got the skins, etc. But The COV weapon skin and the ECHO skin aren’t being given to me.
I filled the info out and got the 250 points for it. I logged into SHIFT etc. I’ve already put nearly 100 hours into it.
But the survey portion blanked itself and won’t let me get the reward:
The image shows I filled it out and got the points. But all the choices are blank now, and I can’t select anything to try to fix it. I really do want that weapon skin…

No response? Is this not the right place for technical support?

No one but community will reply here. Dev just don’t care about what community has to say.
I didn’t claim my pre-order on PS4.

I’ve seen gearbox replies on the forums :frowning:
So where do I post something for gearbox so I can get my CotV skin?