The Pre-Sequel Claptrap DLC Eclipse Bug

My girl friend and I made it to Eclipse at the end of the Claptrap DLC on the first playthrough and could not think of beating him. After we started the fight he did nothing but spam his homing rockets. We managedo to kill the turrets on his arms and still would spam the homing rockets like we didn’t even destroy the turrets.

When we died and respond in the safe room…it was not safe as he would spam his homing rockets into where we just spawned. If we managed to live and try to re-enter the arena before we could even land on a platform we would be dead cause of the homing rockets.

I know what we got was a bug because I’ve watched people stream the fight and Youtube videos and he’s not supposed to spam the homing rockets like he did to my girl friend and I. Please take the time to look into and fix this. We would really like to finish the DLC.

Have you tried save/quitting and starting your game up again? Could have just been a one-off random bug.