*The Pre sequel* L. F. Rare skins

Im looking for
-Ceremonial Whites (Athena)
-Smart Wasp (Athena)

  • Pale Rider (Nisha)
    -You’ve Been Warned (Nisha)
    -Warning Signs (Wilhelm)
    -Clean Slate (Wilhelm)
    -Safety First (Claptrap)

I have all Heads , decent collection of skins(including rare skins from zarpedon, and rare skins for Aurelia and Jack) from the main game, all Claptrap DLC Heads and skins, A ton of lvl 70 gear, a ton of low lvl gear (lvl 5 to 57) let me know thx

I have pale rider if you still need it. I only need a few Wilhelm skins. If you have one great, if not you can have pale rider anyway. Wilhelm skins I need : reflector,cyan shallows,form factor. Psn: Gtrip-x