The Pre-Sequel video tearing

I’ve read online that Gearbox is aware of screen tearing issues with the Xbox One version The Handsome Collection. However, just about all the posts are from the end of March to the beginning of April. I was curious to if Gearbox has any idea when this issue is going to be resolved. I’m very disappointed that I forked out $60 for a game that doesn’t play correctly.

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Supposedly there is a patch being tested but no ETA has been given.

What pisses me off is that they just put a update out for homeworld a game NO ONE PLAYS HAHAHA but a game that EVERYONE PLAYS NO FIX. all i have to say is WOW

In case you are unaware, each game probably has 2 entirely different teams working on it.

Also, Homeworld is a PC only game. Which means fixes are more quickly applied since patches dont require certification.
I know what youll, say next. “But hotfixes dont require a patch”. True. But also remember some fixes, such as screen tearing, likely cannot be fixed with a Hotfix.

And there are plenty of people who play Homeworld.

It’s really difficult to defend gearbox at this point. The game was supposed to be a “Remaster” and really comes off like nobody even tested it before it went gold.

If I had to wager an educated guess on why things are taking so long… it would have to be the fact that 2K shut down the company that made TPS shortly after The Handsome Collection was released.

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Yes you cant defend them when everyone knows they really should have waited to release this a few months to optimize it a ton better!!! not touching TPS Until they send out a fix. If not selling game and all gearbox games i have. Can you say BOYCOTT!!! LOL