The Prefered Queue Poll

Okay, so as anyone who has frequented these forums for at least a few months can attest, there has been a constant debate over which queues should be made permanent over others, with many appeals made to the devs. So, to help the devs see which queues the community prefer over all others, PLEASE vote on the two queues you would like to see made permanent. Making a detailed and constructive argument to explain your votes would also help the devs immensely, i’m sure. In fact, all of us should take the time to read people’s arguments BEFORE voting, but to each their own.

NOTE: I am not including Bots Battle, because it is the only queue so far to remain consistently available since it’s release, and it isn’t likely to be going anywhere. I personally view this as a good thing, because it has done much to help both the PVE crowd and new players.

  • Quick Match (Map Voting & Incursion)
  • Quick Match (Map Voting/No Incursion)
  • Quick Match (No Map Voting & Incursion)
  • Quick Match (No Map Voting/No Incursion)
  • Incursion
  • Solo/Duo
  • Versus Draft
  • 3v3 (Map Voting)
  • 3v3 (No Map Voting)

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As an additional option, PLEASE select 2 of the following “Event” queues you would like to see implemented on a weeky basis, either on Wednesdays or Saturdays or both.

  • Solo/Duo
  • Versus Draft
  • Chaos Rumble
  • Gravity Rumble
  • Big-Head Rumble
  • Bird Hunt
  • Tank-Yankers

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If i have forgotten any modes, or did not format them in a way that you like, please comment below. Also, please keep in mind that this thread is only intended as a way to help the devs see what we, the players, prefer. It is in no way an official poll that will result in changes to the existing queues, which is up to Gearbox alone.

Above all, guys:



Easy, Incursion and Versus Draft. These are the most fun and competitive queues. Battleborn wouldn’t exist at this point if it wasn’t for Incursion.

That’s not exacty what i would personally consider to be detailed and constructive, seeing as it is an opinion based solely on personal preference. Could you elaborate? Here is an example, based on my votes:

I voted for Solo/Duo and Versus Draft, because they both limit pre-mades in a different way, which will help to prevent new players from being stomped by them. With this format, one still has the OPTION to run in a 5-man pre-made, but Versus Draft limits their comps via banning and drafting. If one prefers to play without these restrictions, they can take ONE other friend into Solo/Duo, which limits their ability to use communication and teamwork to roll the other team.

That is debatable, seeing as the pre-mades that stalked it and stomped lower-skilled teams, are in a large way responsible for the majority of players leaving the game…


For me, Quick Match has the potential to give all people a chance to enjoy what BB has to offer, and is generally an easy going enviroment for ALL PLAYERS. If people want a competitive queue to try hard, then they should be able to get Versus Draft on a weekly rotation (or just go on discord for 10 mans.)

As well, I love the 3v3 modes, becuase the stratagy is much more intense, yet less chaotic, and in ways it is a very relaxing mode. I do wish it had a higher pick rate for Supercharge, but thats personal preference.

I as well want Duo/Solo for the people that don’t like being Pubstomped too.

No Map voting is a must, as it means that no team can have a biased advantage over the other, and becuase it allows for quicker matches (Like 3v3)


I would prefer a permanent solo/duo queue to encourage couch co-op and give new/solo players somewhere to learn without the threat of full premades. Hopefully this will allow players to grow as individuals and in turn increasing the skill of the player base overall for the 5v5 versus draft.

Seeing a permanent option for 3v3 no map voting would be a true quick match. The current 3v3 on PS4 allows a solo player to get matches almost instantly and it’s always fast paced fun. (Minus 3v3 incursion with the potential to have drawn out matches)

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I’ll elaborate a little. Incursion has been proven to be the most popular queue since release. Most of the tournaments have been made solely within this mode. That’s not subjective, it’s a fact. Even though the forums always contain the miniority of the entire player base, Incursion always comes first even on polls like this one.

Versus doesn’t limit premades any differently than quick match or regular Incursion maps. Versus might have even greater amount of premades since it is meant for competitive gameplay with the Ban feature.

Of course, it’s not newb friendly but it does keep loyal veteran players.

The primary culprits here are:
the matchmaking, marketing, developer’s approach and decisions, projects deadline etc…at the very last would be the players.

It’s also not what you said…

This^ is an opinion. Incursion being the most popular queue was never part of my argument…

Incorrect. It allows players to ban characters that are overpowered and broken, that some pre-mades unfortunetely abuse just to give themselves an advantage. It also allows them to ban or secure characters that would otherwise be picked by the elites that main them, and who do not preform as well without their main. Yes, some players are extremely good with a plethora of characters, but most aren’t; banning the mains of these players limits their effectiveness, and can result in the match becoming more balanced.

While most of the above is true, that last part is also an opinion. My own is that people are ultimately responsible for what they choose to do with something. As an example, a knife would give me an unfair advantage in a fist fight, and some people would take that advantage if they could; it doesn’t mean it’s not my fault for using it…

Either way, this is starting to get a little off-topic…


RayLightning Says -
The primary culprits here are
the matchmaking, marketing, developer’s approach and decisions, projects deadline etc…at the very last would be the players.

  1. I suck at quoting above but I gotta agree here with what ray is saying to an extent, specifically about this last comment of his.

Yes, pre mades stlaked and stomped lower skilled teams and this drove away a ton of people.

But in the “cause and effect” stream of things, that is an effect. There are like, a bazillion causes as to why this happened and a lot of these causes were/could-be preventable based on many matchmaking / queue related decisions that have been made.
Fixing the queues properly plus keeping CR and premade status revealed will go a long way into fixing this.

With this said Handsome, i don’t think what Ray said was really off the topic at all :slight_smile: He should just remember that opinion doesn’t always equal fact even when you really really believe in your opinion

  1. BTW ray, versus draft imo DOES limit premades contrary to what you stated… because it prevents pre mades from constantly easily choosing and executing the most meta comp time and time and time again like a well oiled machine.

Maybe one match they’d have to do wtihout boldur…one ghalt…one alani etc.

EDIT because my phone is a mess and stinks at copy and paste so it looks like i repeated random lines like a maniac


I elaborated my opinion with facts. The sentence “this is not subjective, it’s a fact” was a reference to the prior stalemate I made on that same post.

That doesn’t limit premades from getting into the queue and be matched with/against newcomers or other premades.

We have gone through this before between game and real life scenarios.

Ultimately, the game is a business and not a personal case/situation… Those in charge of running this business are primarily responsible for its failure. The players are simply the consumers that play with what’s available on the product.


I wholeheartedly agree.

I meant my anology, but fair enough. Also agreed.

You said “any differently”; i listed the difference. Had your argument been “Versus Draft doesn’t limit pre-mades from being paired with low-levels”, i wouldn’t have replied.

You are right, we HAVE gone over this before many times, and in every case, it became a philosophical debate about morality. Let’s just drop this^ point here, to avoid doing so again, agreed?

Oh. Why worry about stomps, cheaters and matchmaking times then?


I’d seriously prefer to avoid turning the discussion towards the morality of questionable tactics again, if you don’t mind… It has NEVER ended well, and i want this thread to last more than a day, haha…


I can understand the miscommunication here. I was referring to your reasoning of premades stomping newbs.

enters thread


reads replies


And where’s this morality take in here?
The game is business not a real life. I thought it was settled already?
Have no fear/s good man :wink:


This is honestly a thinker!

I shall think, then Vote!

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That’s right. There’s nothing wrong with a friendly argument. Don’t stress over simple disagreements.

Back on topic. I changed my initial votes from Incursion and versus draft to Quick Match (votes and no Incursion) and versus draft. These 2 queues need to stay to satisfy more of the playerbase.


And talking about “non morality” takes.[quote=“HandsomeCam, post:1, topic:1563013”]
Making a detailed and constructive argument to explain your votes would also help the devs immensely, i’m sure. In fact, all of us should take the time to read people’s arguments BEFORE voting, but to each their own.
I chose a complete Quick Match with voting and Incursion and Solo/Duo.
Why: in general it is a complementary duo. QM is free for all for skilled vets aso, including Incursion fans, cuz everybody deserves to get his game.
While Solo/Duo diminishes the chance for team stomps.

Event queues: Chaos Rumble & Big Head Rumble.
Why: based on my experience with the events Chaos Rumble is a big success while other modes suck hard and matches are next to impossible to engage there.
Big Head Rumble is the second as it was a moderate succes - as opposed to the others that were generally dead day after the release (on PC at least).

The reasoning behind this is: more popularity equals lower wait times - which is good.

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These are the two that i originally voted for as well, as i found them both to be very fun. However, i REALLY want Versus Draft or Solo/Duo to return in some capacity, seeing as those are my two favorite modes, and so i voted for them in both catagories, haha.

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