The Presequel French - Dialogue glitches

(Balthazarn) #1


I’ve been post-poning reporting bugs for an iiinfinite amount of time, but better late than never…

Actually these are non-blocking bugs but permanent in The Presequel (in French at least):

  1. When activating for the very firsy time the Moon Zoomy station in Regolith Range, the machine is supposed to have a dialogue before you hit it, then afterwards. Only the subtitles work but there’s no voice. I do hear Jenny Springs telling me to “ignore that and just punch it” though.

  2. When arriving in Concordia, the Toll Clap-Trap is seen in front of a machine, and I remember it should talk to it and have a few lines before we get to copiously insult it and get multiply fined. The dialogues in front of the machine just don’t launch at all, be it in subtitiles or in voice.

I used to have it when I first installed the Pre-Sequel. Meanwhile it has had updates, I uninstalled, reinstalled… and this dialogue doesn’t work either for me, nor my French friend on a totally different machine. I’m guessing this is due to an update for some reason?

Thanks for reading. I’m aware these are minor but that’s a shame since it always feels like the game is uncomplete when you’re at these moments.

Also, I remember at Christmas time (actually around December and January), when I bought the PreSequel, I got all the scavengers wearing ridiculous and colored clothes, I admit I’m sometimes wondering if they’ll come back (yeah, I’m very regularly playing the game still), it’s been two christmas I believe and I haven’t seen them coming back… that’s a shame, it was kind of amusing shooting all these scavengers elves!

Good day from France o/

(Is this thing on?) #2

This worked for me the very first time I played the game, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard the dialogue since. I think it might have been an unintended consequence of a fix for something else.

I think this one, the unit has to be in the right place. There’s a moment where it does something to the machine right beside the “gate”? You could try backing up and see if the unit moves at all, then move closer again.

That was a fun promotion!

(Balthazarn) #3

I’ll try moving around Clap-Trap next time then. I remembering hearing him on my first created characters then no more.

They should do more things like that during the year, with Halloween events and all. It’d be amusing. :stuck_out_tongue: I thought it was a recurrent event but now I know why it doesn’t happen anymore, thanks!