The Presequel VS BL2

I recently grabbed the handsome collection. I played BL2 up to tiny Tina’s DLC and loved it. I played the hell out of all the original BL + DLC. But I just cannot get into TPS! I find the characters utterly uninteresting, their designs just feel uninspired and drab compared to the vault hunters from BL2. I made it about 4-5hrs into an Athena play through and then just decided to replay BL2! Anyone else share my sentiments? I wanted to give TPS a try because there’s no slag mechanic and theoretically multiple playthroughs wouldn’t rely on it, but I just can’t get into it :frowning:

Well, I personally don’t share your sentiment, but I know a lot of people who do. TPS is definitely a “same but different” game to BL2. In some ways, it hues (heh!) more to the BL1 type of colour palette, but that pretty much goes with being set mostly on the moon.

I would ask if you’re actually letting the TPS characters be themselves, and not trying to play them like they were 1:1 equivalents of the BL2 cast? They each have their own similarities and differences, which have sparked numerous debates on the TPS boards (such as “Who is more siren-like - Athena or Aurelia?”)

If Athena wasn’t to your liking, I would suggest trying a different character later on. It really is a different play-style when you get into the game, what with the Oz kit (again, something I enjoy immensely but opinions are equally divided between players). At the end of the day, though, it is what it is.

If you completed the story, you should give Tales from the Borderlands a look, just for a very different game and more character development.

I feel TPS is a good game. I’ve enjoyed my time with it and I plan to return to it in the future.

Do I consider BL2 to be the better game out of the two? Absolutely.


I played bl1 like crazy and when bl2 came out I was all over it but I burned myself out on it through uvhm and it started to become drab to me, during that time I kind of left borderlands didn’t do much gaming at all, I had heard about tps but didn’t look into it at all, eventually a year after its release I bough tps for my computer and since then I’ve loved every single minute of it! The more vertical combat, lazers and cryo, and a much stronger story all added up to an amazing game start to finish for me, while I will concede that it seriously lacks endgame, I think it makes up for this by having one of if not the best pieces of dlc in borderlands history with the claptastic voyage (better than tiny Tina but I’m not sure if its better than Knox).

This being said I still tps enjoyable to this day but I have also returned to bl2 in recent months and I’m enjoying it far more than I ever did in the past , and I think tps somehow had something to do with that. All in all I think tps had some awesome and funny charecters all in their own right and I loved the whole set of vault hunters this time around I find each one cool unique and very original, unlike in bl2 where I only really liked axton and maya, and I think both games are amazing but I see why people have problems with tps, still I can’t whole heartedly say it’s worse, I truly see it on the same level if not better than bl2

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If anything, TPS has had the best designed characters by leaps and bounds compared to the other 2 games. The amount of synergy and direction their action skills and skill trees have is really impressive to be honest. Add in the gear that has been introduced and you can see how the game was built around the characters, and one more DLC would have probably filled in the last few missing pieces of the puzzle.

Of course there are flaws with them here and there. But besides Wilhelm lacking bossing power, melee Athena is the only place they fell short in this game. Not that the Xiphos tree was ever really meant for “pure” melee, it was designed for hybrid play from the start.

TPS has some stuff that could have been better, but the characters aren’t one of them. You could tell me the play style you’d like and I could recommend something, but really just play Jack and you’ll see how well designed this game’s characters really are.


When I started TPS I had some trouble getting into it as well in the beginning. But, once I got used to the gameplay changes and went further into the story (honestly did not hook me until about 6 hours in or so) then I started to really enjoy the game.

TPS really is an excellent experience. It is Borderlands, but with a little bit of spice to change the taste a bit.


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Sorry When I said I didn’t like the character design, I meant their appearance, skins/ heads etc, and also their personalities.

I agree with most of you that the skill trees ARE well designed. im sure I’ll get around to playing the game through, I just haven’t hit my stride. I am also not really sure how to build any of my characters. I was using mainly lasers on my storm Athena

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Athena is a good character and once you pick up a few items to help build maelstrom it really picks up. Early on a nice tesla grenade and a decent shock or fire shotgun does wonders. I would build up a good chunk of maelstrom and roll over to a decent cryo weapon to freeze enemies and then back to elemental or a nice Torgue shotty. It also took me a while to get into it at release but it is a good game especially since all the patches and hotfixes. Hope it grows on you and you can get some mileage out of it.


I can only agree with what’s been mentioned above: TPS has the best characters design, and sorry their personalities are great :-). Try Jack and Aurelia and you will see… Only Krieg (maybe to a lesser extend Salva) can match them IMO.

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I personally like BL2 the most out of the entire series, the characters, the story, the environments, the amount of content etc.

When I first started playing TPS all I could think about was going back to BL2, but you really do have to just keep pushing and you find your groove with it. I now like Athena as much as Zer0 and Maya, even with her serious personality as it comes to be apart of her charm.

One thing I don’t like about TPS is the environments, they just don’t flow as well as BL2 and a lot of them blend together being on the moon. I wish more of them were inspired like Claptasic Voyage, that DLC is close to being the best DLC in all of Borderlands for me.

I’ve rambled a bit, but my point is like some of the others have said, it just takes a lot longer to find your groove with TPS than the other games. Once I had Athena to 50 with the shield ricochet and sword lunge I was really, realty enjoying myself.


I agree BL2 had amazing and varied environments, and tps did need more cicalcul design to its levels as most were just straight lines or didn’t return to start.

But personally I found my “grove” in tps almost immediately, Athena = captain America

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I definitely agree the environments are not as varied (Claptastic Voyage rocks though).

Gameplay-wise, my hook into the game was Wilhelm. He plays a lot like Gaige (minus the anarchy and the awesome personality), and Gaige is by far my favorite character to play in Borderlands. Actually I think Wilhem is the best parts of Gaige and Axton (in game mechanics). His personality just took a bit getting use to.

In general, I think that was the hold back for me when I started TPS. Most of the NPCs appeared to be just B versions of their BL 2 counterparts. Then they grew on my after playing a few hours. By the time I got to “Let’s build a robot Army” the story had my interest.


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I never really got too into Wilhelm, I mean he can be really good if you love lasers (which I do) but he never really felt right to me.

I don’t really get why people call the npc’s b rate versions, I mean it’s very clear that they are each one of the borderlands archetypes but i found them to all be cool and unique in their own quirky ways

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So I played both jack and Aurelia for an hour each, just long enough to access Concordia, and let me say this: I take back everything I said. These two characters are awesome! Their dialogue is great and their personalities are hilarious. Jack seems incredibly fun and easy to use, without relying on elemental weapons, which isn’t really my Thing anyway. I’ll save him for a coop playthrough. I’m playing Aurelia down the sniper tree for now (I’m only like lvl8) and she’s pretty fun too. Glad I decided to try these two out!


Glad you’ve found a good fit! It really is a great game once you get into it with a character you like.

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Great, told you :stuck_out_tongue:
Keep going, you’ve only seen a small portion of their potential…
Try as well Aurelia’s ice tree (middle), it is really funny and so powerful!

I personaly believe that they should allow you to play either game with characters from either game. maybe via portal in main city or town.

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