The Problem With Battleborn


I don’t get it

They can’t make a sequel because the game is already to good.

But its a video game and tech drives them so the only thing that usually stops sequals is games being bad, not good.

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We don’t know it’s good yet.

And a sequel would be easy (in concept, not actually making it) just make another 25 characters with more fleshed out skill trees and a bigger longer campaign and more multiplayer maps/modes.

Name it WarBirth and call it a day.

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cough cough Borderlands 2 cough cough

I do not understand something clearly! AS a video game, we can enjoy it for references, and experiences, I guess!

I love the Borderlands series, one of my most played games in terms of how many hours I’ve put into them, and can’t wait for the new release since it sounds interesting.

but what if the last star also fades, what happens then, no sequel? new life? or a prequel ? AAAAGHHH

Mother of God, people, it was a joke! Battleborn claims to have “every type of character” in it, right? So how could they make a sequel if they have every type of character already?

Multiverse, they travel to another universe with more stars to fight over

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I thought it was funny. :dukeaffirmative:

looks like everyone missed the joke… although it was a crappy joke at that

My exact thought!

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