The problem with Gear

I like Gear, but i would like more choice with what i get. I come across people with killer OP combos, like a Ambra with just under +20% movement speed kiteing everyone or Kleese with almost 0 time until recharge for shields, but i keep getting useless stuff.
What i would like to see is more gear packs in the shop that focus on individual loot types, like one for stocks ect. Keep the RNG (as much as i hate RNG) for gear stats, but an epic loot pack that only gives out shoes would be great. And if specific gear is too much then group them into twos, like shoes and stocks.
Either way, give the player more choice than endlessly grinding campaign.
What do you galls and guys think?

If they’re getting %20 movement, then they’re stacking multiple items with movement speed… you can too, just stop wasting your time on Epic packs and buy ones from the faction with the attributes you’d like…

Greens are BETTER than most blue and purps, and you can certainly get by with them until your “OP” items that cost 3x as much come along.

See that’s the thing though, if faction packs actually give gear that has higher chances of certain bonuses(attack, speed, shields etc), how are new players to know that?

I mean, personally I didn’t think they did. I know they’re the place to get taunts/skins for faction heroes but other than that I figured it was all just random gear with ability for any gear stat.

This game has a -huge- burden of knowledge on new players, so little information is given about heroes, items etc.

I know that, hence why i said killer combos and not killer individual pieces of gear. All of my greens are less powerful and cheaper versions of my epics, that i have no problem unlocking by mid game.

Doesn’t it say that said pack gives faction themed gear plus a chance for taunt or skin? I mean I didn’t know anything day 1 but based on the price of the rare and epic packs, and playing Ambra and rath, I was like okay I’m buying jennerit loot packs cuz they will likely have things that are good for 1 of my 2 characters… Not really rocket science?

And what does “faction specific” entail? Each faction has what, 5 heroes? How are you to know what stat a faction favors? Not every hero from the same faction wants the same stat.

Or does it mean chance at hero specific gear, only wearable by a certain hero of that faction?

It’s not explained and there’s really not much to assume on because everything is so random. And again, we still don’t even have breakdowns of heroes base stats or things like how long is the actual shield reboot delay, is -1 second even that big of a deal, etc etc?

The UI of this game has a long way to go in giving players information they can use to actually make decent decisions on what gear to use, what to buy to go for, how much it’s affecting, WHAT it effects etc etc.

More information is always better.

I think what he is saying is how would someone assume that buying a particular factions pack would give gear that goes well with that character. Which is also debatable since most factions have a broad spectrum of characters that can play a variety of roles, like UPR faction, i’ve bought over 10 gear packs and honestly the only thing i recognize it giving is a huge number of buildable gear and damage reduction (which currently sucks btw) so if i want atk speed for gali,or movement speed for montanna cause well it doesn’t really give gear that really helps that faction per se and how or why would anyone assume that nothing to do with rocket science, it’s not even good logical deduction either. I’ve bought 5 jennerit packs and never got atk speed yet which is funny cause i got a rolled purple from eldrid.

I suppose. I don’t know I just remember seeing “2 Jennerit pieces of gear.” So since I play 2 jennerit characters I should probably buy that pack.

I also remember reading an overview of the factions and knew that all jennerit have lifesteal, all eldrid have health regen but no shield, etc… Even without that information I kinda figured each faction favored different stats otherwise what’s the point of even having them.

Also from doing story missions and collecting random gear you can tell that every piece has a color theme for the faction. No matter what type of gear it has the red and black scheme for jennerit and a scheme for the other factions. Just looking they your random gear you could start to tell what factions favor which stats based on their color scheme.

This could all be overlooked by a new player I suppose but I never saw it as that big of a problem. I mean even if you didn’t notice at first wouldn’t you figure it out before you had the command rank and credits to waste?

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Wow okay sorry. Guess I’m smarter than your average cookie :wink:

lol in your head i suppose. but from what I said there is no direct correlation of the drops and the factions as I just stated, it’s just an assumption. Plus with various ways of playing a certain character you can’t really say this gear ‘SUITS’ this faction, like I said i take move speed on montanna so i can get in and out of sticky situations, and i run CDR on assassins like Deande, and even full healing power and healing received on ambra while most people would stick to move speed and dmg.

Pretty sure all the factions have shoe pieces. I’ve gotten heal power pieces for Ambra from jennerit packs. You pick up random gear from pve and random packs as you gain command rank to fill in the gaps but for the most part (i guess I can only speak for jennerit) I’ve gotten everything I need from jennerit packs. While filling in gaps for non traditional loadouts from randomly collected gear.

But like I said… Even if you completely overlooked this, how high command rank and how many credits could you possibly waste before figuring it out?

Also going back to the original thing I replied to! If in your head every faction gives the same random gear but you know you can get taunts and skins… Isn’t that reason enough to buy from the faction you play as??

Still doesnt change the fact that even within the different factions, different stats are preferred. Or gives you any way to reduce the RNG on preferred secondary effects on gear.
Plus, what you see in game doesn’t have match up with the actual RNG. You could just be finding a pattern where you want there to be one.
And definitely getting a piece of epic gear is way better than maybe. Unless you only play territories.

I’ve gotten everything I need from the faction specific and plenty that aren’t of any use for my 2 main characters. Because yes not all characters require the same stats. But you’ve got a really good chance of getting something you can use. And fill in gaps from randomly acquired gear. And epics aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Especially for the command rank and price, and an even greater risk of it being something completely worthless to your characters. I’ve gotten epics and an amazing legendary from just buying faction specific.

For me it was a no brainer and haven’t bought anything else.

On the other hand, I did know right from the get go that I was gonna rank up an entire faction of characters before moving to another. So maybe that’s why it was a black and white decision for me.

Well that’s good for you, but still doesn’t address the problem of RNG stopping a player from achieving certain combos or removing real player choice. My epics are considerably better for my current combos than any blue or green can achieve, so they really are as good as they are cracked up to be.

Well it wouldn’t be much rng or fun if you hand pick your gear… I mainly meant the epic packs aren’t worth what you pay considering there’s no chance of knowing in the slightest what faction it’s traditionally geared towards. Most of the purples I’ve gotten have 2 good perks and a horrible negative that almost cancels one of the first. I also meant they aren’t all their cracked up to be cuz going with more than 1 is gonna take a long time to get out during a match and prevent you from building to help the team. I have one good legendary paired with 2 whites that have no negatives. All perfect for my characters and acquired from faction packs. Just try buying only faction packs and see if you feel the same.

Cuz if you only buy epic packs… I could see being very disappointed in the gear system.

Gear is “designed for faction” in the loot packs. This becomes evident with the Eldred packs where 90% of the items have shield debuffs. That being said you probably don’t want UPR for Galilea despite being her faction. Probably find more useful attack items in something like Jennerit. Mind you I’m not an expert on drops, just seems to be the trend from what I’m getting.

Exactly. Yeah it’s not perfect for every character but it’s not hard to either figure out what faction would have that gear or randomly acquire it from pve or command rank packs.