The Problem with Pixies

I can’t stand these flying faeries in the Forest. It may be bad luck to shoot and kill them, but my stance is that they are worth more dead than alive, and they can also be a nuisance when they lurk around and take splash damage. On top of the spiders, stumpies and treants, you have to contend with angry pixies. The benefits of killing them? You get XP, eridium and an occasional purple weapon. One less red dot on your mini-map, as well.

Nah, just loot.

The pixies are magical Maya-shaped swiss army knives:

They slice, they dice aaaand they juice!

No wait, I mean: They heal, they regenerate ammo aaaand they grant bonus movement speed!

I tend to pick up the first fairy one meets, then go and shoot the second one (left of the path, near the chest) for

Just use the boni you get and take them down quickly if they turn foe :man_shrugging:

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Oh man, I love the Pixies on those maps… their dialog is hilarious. I’ve managed to get three befriended into a single fight, and it’s fantastic. I mean, their damage is so-so, but those conversations between them and the Orcs were worth it.

My reason for occasionally killing them is to de-clutter the mini-map.
Even when not hostile they of course show up as red dots, and that distracts me from actual hostile enemies. So boom they go.

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