The problem with PvP lore challenges

WF’s “Going Alone” and Galilea’s “Frienemies” challenges both require 25 kills against a specific character.

So what happens if that character never shows up?

The two characters needed for kills are Oscar Mike and Ambra. I play throughout the day and late at night, it’s been 11 matches since I’ve seen OM and over 30 since I’ve seen Ambra (on either side). How are players supposed to complete these challenges if the character they need is never part of a match? And are you seriously expecting players to get all 25 kills in 1 match considering it may another 10 or 20 matches before they see this character again?

Also, considering that with the way most players know that running away at low health is very effective, that it’s rare enough that players aren’t supported by other teammates, that the player’s own teammates are also trying get kills, and just getting the kill on the character may be challenging itself, why haven’t these two poorly thought out challenges at least been updated to allow assists to count towards completion?

There are many (probably most) characters with relatively easy PvE challenges which allow for more consistent progression in lore challenges, so why are some of these tied to random events which may not happen for a very long time?

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That’s strange in almost every match I play at least one of those if not both are on the teams

Mode specific and character specific challenges should be changed to something else. You shouldn’t be forced to play either PvP or PvE if you don’t want to, the challenges should be applicable to both modes. Also character specific challenges shouldn’t even exist as they’re just complete luck on what the other players choose, especially when you don’t have friends to play with. They should just be replaced with challenges based around that character and possible to do in either mode, and solo in PvE.

Suggestion: Change it to winning matches against that character 5 times. As long as that character is on the other team, and your team wins, chalk it up. 25 kills against specific characters is ridic.

Alani hitting 5 people with one skill is ridic too, but that’s a whole other animal.

This is just GBX trolling their players.

Notice they didn’t give Oscar Mike or Ambra PvP Lore challenges, reducing the number of each in PvP by that much more.

Also, Double Kill with the worst Ultimate in the game, Toby’s Killing on Rail Lore? You got Trolled by GBX.

Oh, and Alani’s also gotta kill Ambra 25 times AND hit 5 Players with an ability, 50 times. Troll-o-lo-lol-o-lo!

Worst design decision in the game. Can a PvP Player go and do PvE Lore Challenges Solo? YES?!

So why can’t a PvE Player go do PvP challenges solo? Because you’re getting trolled!

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