The Problem With The Circle of Slaughter's BL3

anyone else think that the circle of slaughters arent properly paced, they last way too long for a slaughter arena and become not fun after round 3, the arenas in BL2 were more fun since they separated each round in missions being the only problem was they werent repeatable, I think moving forward they should be reworked to where only round 5 can be replayed so players wont have to fight the same batch of enemies for almost a hour straight.


It’s a bit long, but I don’t mind it. I’d rather they randomize more of the enemies. I think it’d add to the longevity of the content.

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I like them but it sucks because when I do matchmaking the people usually quit right around round 3-4 because it starts taking a long time

Unfortunately, I think the CoS are working exactly as intended. All the mobs you want (AND MOAAAAAAAR!) all in one place in hopes of getting a legendary or 20. Not necessarily with the goal of completing it. Though we’re all going to complete it anyway if only for the fact that its there.

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Making it mandatory to complete all five rounds in one go is the worst idea they could have implemented. What’s the point, am I gonna go cheat somehow if they let me leave?
Good luck getting achievements solo, buckle down for 3-6 hours of wading through gearbox’s buggy broken mess of a “challenge”

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yeah im tired of fighting the same badasses that spawn with RPG’s :frowning:

this may be good for farming but it hurts Time Trials since length of CoS can be a drag and I would be fine with length but on mayhem 3 the arenas are unplayable unless you have a endgame Moze or a VERY good build, even then badasses will always be there with RPG spam which is pretty unbearable

Takes me about 15 minutes to complete all 5 rounds at M3. A bit longer for Slaughterstar specifically.

Guess you need to buckle up or lower the difficulty.

with what build?

Demolition Moze of course.


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Well I know for certain that Amara can do pretty well too with melee lifesteal build and if they nerf Demo Moze, I have another build there ready to go which also clears M3 Circles fine.

Although I don’t expect them to nerf it to the point where circle will be a trouble. They’d need to nerf like a good half dozen weapons on top of grenades spam to seriously hinder that.

The problem with melee life steal is that its gonna take forever to take out badasses , and I tried melee life steal and melee el dragon build

Way too long & the one with all the flying Raaks with a timer pretty much nope not doing that one ever again.

Don’t know, I seen Amara decimate the ■■■■ out of badasses with that anointed shotgun that does damage based on melee. It certainly won’t be Moze level of insanity, but I’m sure it’s pretty good.

Heck, I wonder if Elemental Amara with Rad immunity shield and Radiation Flakker is a thing. Sounds like with that elemental damage healing it could actually work pretty damn good too.

In short, there are definitely quite a few builds that can do M3 Slaughters solo and at worst you can team up.

there are certainly ways to do it, its just not fun doing them with those methods

Well I mean… ¯\(ツ)

Slaughters are kinda pinnacle of BL3 difficulty at the moment and you do need to come with a build that is meant to do it and not just slapdash whatever.

There are builds that do it at least for 2 VHs, the other 2 I don’t have experience with, so whatever. Can always either team up then or drop difficulty.

I just hate that these kinda arena dont really require player skill, it just requires you to slap together a broken build and left click, Bl2 never felt that way for me

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my only problem is that it is way too easy tvhm mayhem 3 i just dont die the final wave should be extremely hard or else make it spawn an invincible boss

The main problem is not de design of the map, Its the badass design, this is why the circle of slaughter dont feel in the same way that in B2 or even B1. All of them are equal each others. In B2, when you find a badass sometimes had a launcher, sometimes an SMG or assault rifle, or a shotgun…Now all of them are almost equals, the only change is the element of his rocketlauncher and if they have shield, armor or more health.