The problems just Keep Coming with BL3

Sources or I call bologna sausage

I’m with @justinmalin77. You can’t go and make a claim like that without providing at least some kind of proof. I mean, I’m very displeased with the game right now myself (just finished getting my 5th vault hunter to level 57 and then dropped it like a hot potata because of Mayhem 2.0), but you gotta give us something.

Is this proof a video? A spreadsheet? How was the data collected? Who collected the data? I think these are all fair questions.

Literally this is isn’t new.

Mayhem activates all the same difficulty switches that switching to TVHM would, and then adds the Mayhem.

The things in TVHM that are different from Normal:

Anointed Spawns.
Area Levels Scaling To Your Level.
Elemental Resistance Weakness Differences.

TVHM is for the person who wants the classic borderlands experience without the added Mayhem levels. Or for getting Quest Rewards on level. Otherwise, it’s the same if you have Mayhem.

Normal Mayhem doesn’t Exist, and it’s been discussed multiple times on this forum.


Yeah. Not gonna happen. Lol.

Here’s the link

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Yeah. Here’s my comment in February saying the same thing

This isn’t new changes.

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Nope, Mayhem 2.0 has botched things up, so enemies no longer scale to you in TVHM compared to Normal, like I said, there is no difference now, and shadowevil proves it in that vid

…he literally didn’t say that. He said there’s no bonus health in tvhm

When comparing Mayhem to Mayhem. Which is exactly what we already knew. He said Normal can get the tvhm resistance by turning on Mayhem…that’s also been true forever.

Yeah. Enemies are still your level in tvhm no Mayhem. Lol. Just tested myself.

I repeat, none of this is new :joy:

You’re clouding the issue slightly…shadowevil is comparing apples to apples, and if you DON"T turn on the Mayhem modes, he is saying that there is no difference between your gameplay experience between Normal mode and TVHM…Of course if you activate Mayhem mode, then YES there is a difference between those 2 modes

And what I’m telling you is you Misunderstood the whole video.

Normal mode. Enemies stop leveling at a certain point. Like 35.

TVHM, enemies scale to your level. (Confirmed, I just killed some level 58 ratch on Promethea on tvhm no Mayhem).

Mayhem is its own thing that doesn’t care what play through you’re on…if Mayhem is on, you’re in Mayhem mode. There is no Normal Mayhem or True Mayhem.

All Shadow did was look at Mayhem “normal” and Mayhem “true” and go “these aren’t different”.

Which. Again. Is old news.

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With all due respect, are we even watching the same video from Shadow?
I just watched it again to make sure I’m not spreading any false information, but it’s very clear that Shadow is NOT talking about Mayhem modes at all…He is only contrasting the differences between Normal mode and TVHM without activating Mayhem mode, and according to his findings, there is no difference at all

I’m truly not trying to be contentious, and if you could explain it better, I am most open to admitting that I’ve got it wrong somehow

He’s talking about Mayhem Mode. The anointment rates he’s talking about are Mayhem mode. The spawns he’s talking about are Mayhem mode.

You think he’s talking about the game without Mayhem mode because he’s talking about Mayhem mode like it’s a foregone conclusion. To someone like him, it is.

The entire premise of his video is whether there’s a difference in playing Mayhem Mode on Normal Or True. You can’t level to 57 in normal without Mayhem or spending eternity, there’s clearly a difference between Normal and True. Unless normal scales to us now without Mayhem. I didn’t test that because I would never assume that to happen.

So the reason our argument makes no sense here is because you don’t understand that his context is Mayhem mode, and he’s completely brushed over the concepts of not playing Mayhem.

One telling line of this is when he mentions “you even get tvhm resistances when you turn on Mayhem in normal”. This is saying there IS a difference without Mayhem…but Mayhem removes the difference.

Tell it to me gently won’t you lol

I was wrong, I admit it thanks I guess, for the clarifications


Sorry. I really thought I wrote that nicer than I did and I’m sorry about that.


This is where you apologize to Gearbox for the nasty things you said.


All forgiven my friend…I sometimes “react” to things I see or hear about, when I should be more calm before making a thread, lesson learned!

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Yes, I was rather harsh on them, I wouldn’t go so far as to say “nasty” though, but in saying that I do owe them an apology, so I will edit my initial post
Are you Gearbox’s personal bodyguard or spokesman? Just curious

I meant it in a light-hearted manner.


Damn!! That’s now the second time I’ve misunderstood things and got people wrong…sorry man, It’s just not my day, I think this is enough internet for 1 day :rofl: lol