The problems keeping me from liking the game

My data:
Playing Zane solo on Easy difficulty, currently on level 10 with STNL (?) and Holo-Projection (?) skills, right after rescuing Lilith and going on board of the Sanctuary.
PC-Specs: Intel i7-6700, GeForce GTX 1070 TI, 8GB DDR3 RAM, game installed on a HDD
I am playing on High graphics settings, on 1920x1080. PC can handle better settings fine too, but the framerate drops (discussed below) seem to get worse then.

Major problems:

  • many, MANY loading framerate drops while being ingame
    → starting the game, I literally can’t play for ~15 seconds since I have CONSTANT mini freezes
    → this even makes the pause menu and the character menu hard to use
    → might be since game is installed on a HDD instead of SSD (don’t have space on my SSD)
    → also throughout playing & especially while driving, multi seconds hiccups occur
    → prior to last patch, had really bad framerate while aiming, might have been resolved through patch (not sure, haven’t really checked yet)
  • balancing is pretty varying, often times game feels too hard/dragged out, even on easy (playing as Zane)
    → constantly underleveled/right at the edge of the level of the current enemies & missions
    → no real felt benefit doing sidemissions, if enemies are constantly on the same level as you
    → weapons feel weak, even on easy
    → had a new & rather high damage sniper rifle (at least I thought so), but needed multiple headshots to kill a simple bandit/maniac (?)
    → standard enemies either too spongy, or weapons generally too weak
    → first and second bosses however felt really easy ( can’t tell for the other bosses though, not yet there)
    → some different enemies on the same level seem to be completely differently balanced (might be intentional?)
    → could shoot psychos & bandits on lvl 8 with ~5-6 body shots of my sniper (50 dmg) but adult (?) varkids (? the flying bug things) took at least 10 shots, with some being criticals
    → I am constantly out of ammo
    → might be because the weapons are too weak (as discussed above) and I often have to use at least one magazine per standard enemy
    → ammo stashes only rarely hold ammo that I need, I am lucky if I get at least 1 fitting magazine (unlike in BL2 where I was pretty much always guaranteed to have at least 2 of 6 magazines fitting my needs)
    → again this might have improved with most current balance patch, didn’t test it out that much

Minor problems:

  • first cutscene onboard of Sanctuary (where Lilith sees her power being gone) has no music, intentional?
  • injured walking animation of Lilith when going up the stairs looked very glitchy (the upgoing leg always twitched when finding their IK position (?))
  • music generally isn’t consistent, but changes pretty fast between intense (fighting) and casual (everywhere else)
    → even in the fight to get to Lilith, it constantly changed (even though this whole situation should have been intense)
    → at the cave where the Starnav Chip (?) for the Sanctuary is, I was sniping from the entrance of the village and even though there were multiple enemies left, the music constantly alternated between fight music (when I shot someone) and casual music (after ~2 seconds)

I am playing the game on easy difficulty just because I wanted to have a blast while walking through the game, mostly experiencing the story, and feeling like a badass while doing so. I had some fun playing the game up until now, but it currently is more of a drag to keep playing it. Normally, a game’s first few hours are the most critical, to get the player into the game and make them want more of it. But in BL3, I somehow didn’t feel any of that. The gameplay isn’t engaging (mostly because of the problems above) and the story didn’t yet make up for that. I simply couldn’t get into a fun game-loop like I did with BL2. It’s mostly because of the major problems I mentioned, but also the minor ones keep me from being fully immersed in this game. As much as I want to like it, currently I don’t feel like giving BL3 too much time. I really do hope some or hopefully most of the critique I mentioned gets addressed in future patches.

And yes, I am aware of the fact that I haven’t seen much of the game yet, having only set my foot aboard of the Sanctuary. But what is the point of keeping all the good stuff for later in the game, if the player is already bored before they get there?