The problems of Battleborn and things to make it better

So far i have many issues with Battleborn and yet i adore and love playing it especially Incursion so i decided list these problems:

Sniper cheesing the sentry

Collision in pvp

unable to shoot through teammates there’s no team attack so why?

No Rank matches or rank emblems example : Bronze,Silver and so forth

no choice to buy a legendary gear pack make it expensive idc just make it possible

No penalities for mid game quitters or before game quitters example would be a 30 min penalty for pvp only (can still play pve with friends)

frame drops

and finally character balancing

Things that need to change or make it better

Separate rank type mode for incursion

Better frame data

Able to buy legendary gear packs

either take away collison or able to shoot through teammates

penalizes bad teammates for pvp leaving

able to report teammates

fix the cheesing on sentries basically revamp the maps

better balancing and full revamp on characters example change Ambras auto aim primary attack to fire ball attacks

Because smaller characters could stand behind bigger characters and attack the enemies without even being seen.

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find then just take out colission

And if you were able to go through teammates you could also hide inside of them.

Improving the collisions is what should be done. I’ve never had such a problem with getting stuck on terrain, teammates or literally anything.

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Priority one should be improvement of the match making and separation of premade and solo ques. Otherwise this game is going to die very soon.

clip through annnd landed on top of area near there sentry

agreed. number two is doing something about galilea while waiting for the patch. in the test they were able to hotfix phoebe’s stun mechanics in several different ways. since they cant rework her mutations in a hotfix, they certainly can just remove the stun in the meantime, or cut it in half at the very least

i agree aswell i still want a report and penalty system though

If legendaries were cheaper then everyone would use the all the time. The point is that some have incredible unique effects but you have to wait a while before activating them and sacrifice a lot of shards to do so. They’re not unusable, simply hoard shards and have a little patience, don’t be in such a rush to activate such a great piece of gear, they’re for late game when you’ve leveled up a few times cheaper gear is for the early game.

OP is talking about being able to buy legendary gear packs. The ones you get at character rank 13.

Similar to League? Sorry only MOBA I have played. It doesn’t lock you out from finding matches, but will make you sit for about 10 minutes before being able to find a match. Or is that a bit more harsh than what you are thinking?

Depends… If you leave multiple games in a row i think you get around a 5 min wait time penalty for next 4 matches. And If you keep doing it you will get banned for a short period of time.

I never got a legendary gear pack at character rank 13 and I have two Master titles?

How it would it be op when the rate of chance legendaries are low if a pack is given the best chance is a epic at best

OP=Original Post(er) Pretty much making reference to what you were stating in the topic of your post.

Ah i think OverPowered when you said op lol

I apologize, I was incorrect. You get epic packs from character level. He was referring to the Legendary pack that you get from getting rank 100. Also the ones that were given out to players who experienced season pass issues.

This absolutely drains all fun from PvP at the moment. It’s pointless to play unless you’re running with a PvP Pre-Made yourself. Then you stop 4 out of 5 games. =(