The Prodigal Thread Returns : Love/Hate Part III : The Twister Who Couldn't Crit

You knew this was coming. You know you knew. Don’t breathe. Don’t look back.

I’ve successfully brainwashed all of you into believing the Tidal Wave was Top Gear.
I’ve successfully brainwashed all of you into believing the Florentine was poo.
…at least I’ve convinced myself that I’ve been successful - kindly refrain from shattering my fragile ego.

Now the time has come to discuss the dishonour The Twister brings to the hallowed Jakobs name.

“We at the Jakobs corporation have held to certain values through the years. Simple things, like family. Honor. Always aiming for the head. A Jakobs man ignores the mockin’ words of the ignorant. Yer gun’s too slow, they say. Yer accuracy ain’t nothin’ to write home about. And the Jakobs man nods. Walks away. Decapitates 'em with a single shot. Jakobs: a family company.”

For my money, Jakobs is the epitome of precision one-shot kills. How exactly do they accomplish this?

  • High damage per shot. Well sure, Torgue does this too but he’s a protein-guzzling buffoon with questionable taste in design aesthetic.
  • High recoil - ensures that you cannot spam lest your accuracy go to hell and you’re just wasting bullets.
  • Slow fire rate (for some) and reload speed and small magazine size - ensures you take care with each shot. Also semi-automatic which requires at least a modicum of attention.
  • High critical hit multiplier – since they are non-elemental (barring certain abominations), this is essentially how they compete with elemental boosts such as splash and relics.
  • High accuracy.

What this basically means is : aim for the head, target dead ; you may not get a second chance.
The entire line of guns is built around critical hits - with the exception of the Cannon (and Stinkpot - 'nuff said) and Quad which use Torgue barrels (see note above regarding protein).

          “eye sartain - finger lightning - aim, death - great warrior soon.”

Which brings us to our little identity crisis, The Twister.

Now to be fair :

  • high damage :ballot_box_with_check: high recoil :ballot_box_with_check: slow reload :ballot_box_with_check: small mag :ballot_box_with_check:.
  • the penetration gimmick seems like it should be a Jakobs trait (Godfinger and Bekah do this).

On the other hand :

  • it has the worst accuracy of any shotgun in the game (although matched by Jakobs’ own Hydra), which makes its crit potential negligible.
  • it also has splash which sounds suspiciously like something those pretentious war-hippies at Maliwan would manufacture.

Ergo identity crisis : Maliwan had this great idea but is not tooled to make shotguns, so enlisted the services of some distant Jakobs cousin who, rather than hand-crafting firearms from wood and steel, probably instead made his living from making custom Technicals and Outrunners for douchey ECHOcast stars and thought that sunglasses with flames on them made him look cool.

          “Bolt actions speak louder than words.”

As a tie-in : The Cobra was a Torgue sniper in Borderlands, but since Mr. Torgue sold the intellectual property rights to his proprietary firearms designs for twelve dollars and a high-five, the Torgue Corporation likely deemed snipers to be not financially viable and shut down the relevant factories ; but would have no qualms outsourcing manufacture to an independent – one who probably wears leather pants and had all his tattoos done at the same time.

The Greed however gets a thumbs up – Hot Lead!

          “Guns don’t kill people. I do.”

Now why am I picking on The Twister, you ask?
Well, it’s a truly fine gun but it does not fit in with the Jakobs way. Jakobs builds focus on accuracy, precision, patience, simplicity. The Twister tests my patience, so there’s that.

          “ If it took more than one shot, you weren’t using a Jakobs.”

Tip o’ the cap to @Kurtdawg13, who enjoys nothing more than to disagree with me about the Twister, except when it’s compared to the Orphan Maker.


Twister is a fun gun to use but it isn’t a main weapon in my opinion, it’s one of those mess around guns. Zer0 can make it work as can Gaige, but I’d rather have the ROM. Hell I’d actually rather have a Triquetra.

Also when anyone mentions The Twister, I alway think of this…


This is my sentiment exactly. On both Sal and Zer0. When I got my Deputy to OP2 I was pretty stoked because he could try out the Twister. Turned out to be pretty disappointing. Actually had better luck with the Tidal Wave of all things.

I do like it better on Zer0, who has just enough velocity spec’d to send the projectiles downstream at a decent pace. That said, when using it, it doesn’t feel like a Jakobs.

It is awesome if you can line up a perfect('ish) B0re shot.


Oh, @Jefe, how you do love to stir the pot. :grin: :wink:

I’ve not had one in my hot little hands, so I can’t opine on the actual real world applications of such a thing, but I can say that your reasoning rings true for me. In videos it looks less like a Jakobs weapon than a Maliwan, and it looks to me like it probably feels that way too. Maybe a collaboration, like when 2 breweries work together to make something new and interesting. Maybe it could be called Jakobiwan, or Malikobs. (Edited because @khimerakiller knows best.)

I also think Krieg can make it a kilkstick of epic proportions, and I bet Maya can get some good use out of it, although Gaige is who I really want one for. I guess I’ll be sending Salvester off to the Big Game Hunt so I can try it for myself someday.


We finally agree on something. :sweat_smile::rofl::joy:

I appreciate you! :acmaffirmative:


Incidentally, I was Antagonist shopping with Sal and had the Leg B COM and a few points in Bus. To alleviate the monotony I decided to race Twister pellets. If I had one more point in Bus I would have won.

I think it’s Maya’s turn with this thing with 6/5 in Accelerate.


■■■■, I do this all the time. Try popping off a shot and then out run it to jump over an enemy and turn them around to have it blast them from behind. lmao


Nope! I mean you probably open my eyes about the Tidal Waves not sucking as much as generally admitted but still not a “great weapon” in my eyes.
I’ll forever bee a Florentine fan. (Even if I rarely use it anymore.)

Again… Nope! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m on board with you (Already said it.) about the Twister not being a “true” Jakobs. Maliwan sound like a fair choice.
Just like the “no crit StinkAR” If only it had splash damage then it could be a true Maliwans AR…
But I don’t think the Twister have splash damage!!! A HA !
… Or I may be wrong. :thinking:
All in all I think it’s a good gun. Not a fit all like an Harold. Nothing is. Works wonders on shock Gaige.

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Yep - 40% to be precise. Enough for Blood Bath , Medical Mystery (:laughing:) and grenade boosts.

Kurt, Chuck, kbk and I compared notes by the way. We all agreed that no matter what you did to boost the Twister with Sal it was a distant second to the ROM.

Everyone else has some way to amp it up though.

Krieg, because Krieg.
Maya : Chain Reaction.
Gaige, because Gaige.
Axton : grenade boosts and reload speed.
Zer0 : OSOK, B0re and Velocity (up for debate whether this helps or hinders).


I stand corrected… Was only based on a gut feeling so I’m not surprised.
I think for Sal it goes beyond the maths. It just doesn’t work with gunzerking.
Axton idk. The grenade boost and different splash damage is something I didn’t mastered yet.
It is one of the most complicated part of Borderlands fine tuning imo. I guess he can make it work then. Still…
Gaige being Gaige… It’s kind of obvious. But I wouldn’t use it as a “main gun”. Works wonder when you have a big target right in your face. Thinking Shielded Nomad here. Of course the small mag help for stacks but you need to survive before stacking…
The slow pellets really is what hurt it.
Just like any other gears in Borderlands. (Or anything in life really!)
It’s either over hyped or underestimated! :sunglasses:

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A little research revealed that there’s actually more to this than meets the eye. The “distant cousin” you refer to, is real. His name was Cousin Daddy! His parents were… Well… Let’s just say that they… knew each other well. Cousin Daddy was something of a wizard when it came to guns. He also had 9 toes (on one foot), and played a mean banjo. He also ran a skag-kennel on the side.

Fearing that Cousin Daddy’s mere existance would leave a great stain on the Jakobs “family values”, old man Jakobs himself made a deal with Maliwan. In exchange for them taking on Cousin Daddy, the Jakobs family would incorporate Maliwan tech into a few of their guns.

But now, Maliwan had also begun to realize that Cousin Daddy was more than a handful, so they came up with a very clever plan on how to get rid of him. They gave him a small arena, where he and his skags could go nuts, and then they made the vault hunters believe that he had good loot on him. And there you have it! The “real and completely true” story behind the elemental Jakobs guns.





I’m not sure I agree. I don’t particularly enjoy it but there are plenty of people who run Deputy with it. Bus and Incite and get you the movement speed required to get proper placement.


uh-oh - I’m about to get my ass handed to me :laughing:


So basically you are trying to convince us whether or not the Twister seems like a Jakobs weapon, not whether or not it’s good/bad? lol, then I don’t really have any say either way, but I’ll gladly defend it to the death as a great gun. Although I like the hybrid name of Malikobs.

I will say don’t sleep on it’s potential on Killer Zer0. Whether or not Velocity hurts more than it helps, very few guns can get close to it’s OSOK potential, and that’s without the ability to match elements.

P.S. It has great accuracy, especially on Gaige.

But don’t forget guns like the…

  • Jakob’s Cannons
  • Stinkpot
  • Cyber Eagle
  • Boomacorn
  • Moonface
  • Two Scoops
  • Luck Cannon

Granted, a lot of them are from TPS.


Raises the possibility that elemental Jakobs weaponry was a (failed) experiment dating to the TPS era tnat was essentially killed by rise of Hyperion and e-tech weaponry. (And maybe Jakobs being squeezed out of the e-tech market by some personal jealousy - perhaps one of the Hyperion execs had family who were part of the Jakob’s Cove work force.)

Anyway, I don’t have a Twister to test, so that’s about the most I’ll be able to contribute to this thread…


Out of the 4 characters i played, i like the twister on maya the most and sal the least.


Two of the reasons not mentioned as to why the Twister is fantastic on Maya are Immolate (the damage is so high, it just wrecks when she goes down because Immolate’s fire damage is based upon the weapon’s base damage) and Phaselock itself (slow projectiles, so holding the enemies in place = good).

The Twister can be a main weapon on Gaige. Other than that, it is either a secondary or a niche weapon - at least IMO.

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Mostly :wink:
But I don’t mind any debates as to its efficacy :stuck_out_tongue:


The Luck Cannon is pure Jakobs.
Cyber Eagle, well ok. I shoots like a Jakobs but it goes pew rather than bang. I’ve found it an underwhelming gun in any case.
Boomacorn, Moonface and Two Scoops : not sure how I feel about those as Jakobs - I don’t play TPS enough to form a proper opinion. They are all three outstanding in their own way though.

To remind myself about the Boomacorn, I trundled off to YT and found some gameplay by some guy named Logan Holder - maybe you know him :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Unrelated to all that, I just remembered Derch did a parts guide a few months ago and thought some folks might get something from it:


:point_up: :+1::+1::ok_hand:
I watched all of the TGTBaTU serie for Borderlands 2 and that’s where a good chunk of my “knowledge” come from. I recommend that paired with the wiki (Yeah I know… Wiki… ) “special effect” table to any new Vault Hunters.
I remember seeing the title of that one “special ed.” but a Twister seemed unattainable at the time.
Thanks for the refresh.


I’ve never had a Twister. Never really had the desire to wait for OOO to spawn. Maybe if I ever get my Gaige into UVHM.

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