The Project 1v1 Closed Technical Test is Ending Tonight

Thank you everyone for participating in the Project 1v1 Closed Technical Test! Once again, we appreciate your feedback and support. It’s been incredibly helpful!

The Closed Technical Test will be ending tonight at 9pm PT/12am ET, so be sure to finish your matches before then!

Keep an eye out in the coming days for a post from the developers that summarizes the experiences of the test and offers some thoughts about the path forward.

The next test is months out, and will likely occur when the game is nearing it’s Alpha, or Feature Complete, stage. We plan to test those features at that time, and would love to get your feedback before we finalize the content and push to Beta. Be sure to check your, your email, and the forums for updates on further tests!


Will our friend keys still be good when the test comes back for alpha? I just found mine in the spam folder, but now no one is able to join. The opt-in link says there is no such test.

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We’re going to miss you all. (bug finding is secretly one of my favourite games) Come back soon :heart:


And I was wondering why the game wouldn’t launch at all today.

Not gonna lie, life kept me from playing this game as much as I wanted to during the CTT and right now I’ve got an itch to play that I just can’t scratch! You guys and gals are really good at making games that stick with me and call me back well after I’m done playing, and it’s looking like P1v1 is no exception.

Anyway, when the next test is up will you reach out to the same testers or are you going to want a new batch of folks? I know what my job will be like in a few months and that I will 1000% want to blow off steam, I just hope it can be by tricking some hapless fools into turret range while I teleport behind them and help them ride the rail, so to speak.

Aw man! I missed it. I just moved and finally got around to unpacking my PC. :frowning: Hopefully I’ll be back for alpha!