The Proper Use of Burst Propulsion

This is to show how useful Burst Propulsion can be to navigate maps with and without Vaulting Hunter. This video just shows areas you can reach using this skill, and it can be used as a great escape tool when you’re in a bind. It can also put you in a position to get an angle on enemies, or in position to damage a sentry. This video showcases a few maps from each mode. It’s worth mentioning that it is also a great tool to dance around enemy Battleborn.


You’re just FREELY SHARING your secrets?!

I’ll take eight!


I had to. The episode seven thorn build completely ignored the uses of BP, and just focused on the extra damage the helix gave your quick melee. Then later stated they wanted mobility for reasons to pick the level seven high jump. I thought I had to make a video showcasing the way increased mobility that you get with BP. That’s been my project for the evening!

You only get ONE!! Greedy. :wink:


That damn helix is one of the best utilities in this game. So damn powerful

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OK…Stop it, just stop it.
Reason? You know Gbox only nerfs something when:
a: We enjoy it
b: We figure it out


Awesome video.

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Well thorn probably needs nerfs. She feels like the best attacker in the game right now with an incredible amount of evasive tools sniping capabilities and burst. I doubt they will take away burst propulsion though

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