The Psycho thread

No, not related with Krieg or the BL enemies xD

But i think it would be great to get a little corner in the forum for those who have been in the shrink xD

I’ll start: I have ADHD which brought me anxiety and OCD thingies. I’ll probably have to take pills again.

I have PTSD from Afghanistan that gave me hella flash backs, waking dreams, and night terrors. When’s to therapy for over a year and I’m much more stable now

Went to a therapist for a few months about a year ago. Haven’t been in awhile, should get back to it. Oh, for “light” depression.

Nothing diagnosed, but light to mid grade (worse if I have an episode) depression is pretty obvious, as is general social anxiety.

Chosen therapy method is vodka, preferably with fruity juices.

It has its good days and band days.

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Oooh nice thread um

I’ve been diagnosed with autism, psychosis, depression, ADD, anxiety, and dependent personality disorder.

It probably stems from my psychosis but due to all of this awful stuff going on, my mind kinda fragmented and now there’s like 17 people doing their own thing in my head. (You think I’m just saying this to be cool and edgy but I’m not. It’s not fun. It’s a living hell.) Some are fictional characters like, Handsome Jack literally lives inside my brain and he hurts me a lot it’s terrifying. (Claptrap, Zer0, E-GUN and Axton are in here too.). So yeah, I’m in hell it’s not fun at all. One slapped me, one did something with scissors… I’m a mess.

Also I might have borderline personality disorder… I’m waiting until the end of this month for my next psychologist appointment so I can talk about it. The people in my head thing is still being researched by the psychologist. She doesn’t know what it is.

Also autism wise, Borderlands is one of my special interests and I will talk for years about it.

I’m taking meds at the moment but my dosage might need to be increased…

I also have a lot of comfort characters and for some reason I kinda depend on them too like I would a real person and I mean like…

“Yes this character makes me feel so much better. They are the light of my life. Wait they’re canonically with someone else or dead or something? PANIC PANIC PANIC” like they would abandon me or something but??? They’re not real??? And I hate myself so much for it??? It’s so lame I’m so d umb. Axton is a comfort character I’ve had that reaction with r ip.

Then I’m a perfectionist… Super depressed… I’m just a huge mess just barely holding on and it’s killing me so much. God help me.

Sorry I got too personal. One of my mental illnesses is like “YES GET VALIDATION. GET ATTENTION!!!” and I c an’t stop it.

I’m a scary person and not saying it proudly. I hate this all.