The purple NPC belong to which type of elemental

his purple ball damage is so high, first i think it’s electricity as u armor is gone one touch or high damage to armor, as i got a shield of 100 resistant against electricity, so i test it, negative, it look like not electric,then i see animal NPC, have similar things, purple on land after they attack me, so i think it’s acid , so i gear one acid resistance shield, 27%( i use the similar one, 27% fire resistance,it work well), so i think it may work, but negative, so finally , i guess it is radiation( no others elemental factor left there). i haven’t test it yet. what is it? its damage is so huge, greater than boss

  1. which type of weapon have better effect against this NPC?

Anointed enemies can be a problem especially with immunity phases or rapid warp movements.

I’m not sure but I think the damage they output is classed as kinetic, meaning no elemental resistance can help.

Keeping moving and using fire and cryo weaponry on them is I think the most effective.

Not much you can do about it, to be honest. As far as I know it’s actually non-elemental damage as it doesn’t apply any status effects and doesn’t actually look like it’s tied to a specific element.

Since you are talking about a purple ball that does a lot of damage I assume you are specifically talking about Anointed Zealots and their homing explosive bombs. Most characters can’t really do anything there, other than running away until it explodes and trying kill the enemy quickly. If you play Zane you can actually use your barrier action skill to protect yourself from it (though I think you need to pick it up for that to work).
I think fire is probably the strongest element against them as they have normal red health bars (at least most of them do).

As FL4K, if I keep my pet focused on the target, those orbs will target the pet instead of me. It’s basically an insta death for the pet when they explode (outside of at least one specific build) though. With Zane and a clone, I’ll hop between the two (basically just fast running away) to avoid it (haven’t tried the Barrier). Moze and Amara just have to dodge it (not sure if Moze can tank it in the mech?) It’s only marginally less worse than the immune stages, because with this, the enemy can still take damage, and with some clever maneuvering, I can get around it the orb. Sometimes though, it’s just a straight time out from the combat while it slowly compels me away from the fight. :confused:

I have also not tried using Confusing tactics against it. I think the AZ needs to be focused on a particular incoming damage source when throwing the orb, so if FL4K kept Dominated enemies on point or Amara uses Glamour on nearby enemies, they might take the mark instead.

You still run faster than said orb and it ain’t very smart, still smarter than it should be though.

The orb is smarter than it should be, maybe it will work with the new mod though.

i depend on my pet to this NPC, however, i forget when it’s, i do have a situation of hitting him high,i forget what weapon i am using, and may not be mayhem mode too. i just remember then i am using a weapon with fire elemental . later as i said, it didn’t happen again, no ideal what is it