The PVP Pre-Game Taunt Spam Show

epic marching band musical fan fare

intense roar of thousands of fans

thousands of bright flashing lights

cameras going off literally everywhere


crowd goes somehow even wilder

music crescendoes


Ok, so, silliness aside, I am somewhat surprised that no one has posted about this yet!

Not too long ago, myself, @ancientbelgareth , @handsomecam , @SirWalrusCrow , @codarik , @beatrix (well myself plus 4 of the names I just listed, I was drunk!) were sitting at the character selection screen waiting for a match to start.

We were all just messing about with taunts and skins when, out of the blue, Belgareth just exclaims, “Guys, guys, look what I discovered!”

His Thorn (the deadliest of all Thorns, by the way) starts doing what appeared to be a strange little repetitive, twitchy dance.

So, as it turns out, if, during character selection and after having chosen a character, you go to the Taunt screen and select a taunt, you can then press Triangle so that everyone in your group can see / hear your taunt.

Taking this one step further, after pressing Triangle, but before the taunt ends, you can press L1, which will abruptly cancel the taunt animation, put your character back in the default pose, and bring you back to the Skin select screen. IF, after pressing Triangle then L1 in quick succession, you quickly press R1, you are right back on the Taunt screen with your current taunt still selected.

At this point, press Triangle, L1, R1 again quickly to repeat.

And then again.

And again.

And yet again…

The result will be that your character will very quickly and repeatedly do just the first part of their taunt animation and will look very twitchy / jerky.

The results are are amusing for every character, but, for certain characters, with certain taunts, it can be absolutely HYSTERICAL!

Thanks again for discovering this little gem, Belgareth!


Ah the taunt spamming. I think @blainebrossart1 actually showed me this. It’s hilarious.

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About how long ago, just out of curiosity?

I think about 2 weeks or so after the WU? Not so sure tbh.

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Also, you don’t have to IMMEDIATELY press R1, L1.

It can be done anytime before the taunt animation is fully completed.


About the same time as us then, give or take a few days!

Yeah, couldn’t have happened on the old character select screen I guess!

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One of my friends showed me this and I haven’t stopped doing it since. It’s hilarious on some characters.

Try it with Orendi’s ‘Up close and personal’ taunt.

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On characters like Dragon and Pendles, it’s amazing.

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I tried it on Pendles. All of his taunts are gold. :joy:


The first bit of Montana’s “The Whittler” where he throws his arms in the air is GOLD when done fast.

Same with the S&A taunt where Aurox spins completely around, or the one where Boldur rolls.


I totally expected a video #drunkflamesforall?

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Guys, if someone COULD make / upload a video of this for the thread, it would be amazing!


I’d like to see Ernest’s bird bird dance in twitchy hip-hop fashion!

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