The Pyre of Stars: Typhoon glitched

In the pyre of the stars you run up past tannis where she is standing to meet Typhoon at the top in the pedestal. The little box is ticked to say follow Typhoon but all he does is either run down and stand in the water or falls off the edge and settles half in the ground and half out of it. Any help would be appreciated but I dont want to reset the missions as it’s taken so long to get here. I have tried doing other side missions instead tried online and offline but every time I go in to the Pyre of stars he does nothing other stand in the water or fall half into the ground

Please help me

Followed instructions from gearbox to no avail

Restarted playstation

Deleted and reinstated game

Nothing has worked

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I’m encountering the exact same issue (on PC)… I’ve just opened a ticket to get any official status since last patch did not fix this.

:angry: :sob:

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I’m dealing with the exact same issue (on PS4 ).

i had typhon stop often but I just kept running forward and eventually he caught up.

This is still happening. I got it, also, with the exact same symptoms. Got the same general response from filing a ticket and it didn’t solve the problem

Same here (Xbox One).
Anyone have the problem solved?

Ive been trying to help a friend with the same issue to no avail - currently my only idea is to run through entire story with my next character till that point, invite them and finnish that whole last 15 minutes of story. Though if my own comes accross that same glitch then its effectively fd

Happen to me now. Damn, Cannot finish my TVHM round. Please GB fix the ASAP. You should provide the mechanism to reset the single Task. Not rerun all tasks.

May be lucky with campaign matchmaking; it did work to fix my friends issue

The only real working way that I’ve seen that is supposed to work if you don’t have a friend helping you is to try matchmaking. When you join them at the same place/level in the story, you SHOULD be able continue on and it’ll fix itself. Who knows? If you do matchmaking and they have not yet, they might be a nice player and help you because there is NOTHING more frustrating than being stuck and unable to progress in the story. (Save for possibly being unable to beat the boss, ever.)