The Quality of Borderlands 3 is Abysmal

I don’t care if I get hate someone needs to say it. I really like the game but the sheer amount of bugs, crashes and the overall performance of the game is unacceptable and Gearbox should be ashamed. It has so much going on for it but the overall quality is just embarrassing. I know a lot of people are hoping it will be patched away but the point is it shouldn’t have been released in this state anyway. I’m not always in a place where I have a good enough connection to download a patch so I could be tough out of luck for quite some time. My favorite part of Borderlands is co-op play and it’s being hit the worst by the fps issues, not completely ruining the fun but definitely coming close. Again completely unacceptable.


What system are you playing on?
I’ve had some issues (an update from one of my friends has been on the side of the screen for like five hours now) but no crashes yet and otherwise the performance is good. On Xbox one, that is

Im on PS4.

I don’t want to list the myriad problems I have had…but only because i hope the message about vertical split screen and text size takes priority.

A rushed release and a carefully manipulated media campaign. Poor show.


Plenty of threads discussing these issues already.

One is enough.

Please, submit support tickets here: