The quality of boss fights (NO SPOILERS)

Hey folks it’s me,

Just brought down one of the best, most thrilling bosses I have fought in a Borderlands game so far and that obviously inspired me.

I would like to hear your impressions and opinions regarding the quality of the boss fights in Borderlands 3. IMPORTANT: Please don’t spoil a bosses name, location etc., instead try to just rate the overall quality of the boss fight(s) and if you want to give hints regarding which boss it might be, just say the level you had when fighting the boss for the first time and if it was a main story boss or a side mission boss. Those who are that far already will probably recognise which boss you mean.

Here I go, regarding this one particular encounter: I just fought through an epic story-related showdown, a massive fight in terms of scale and mechanics. Multiple phases, forms, attacks, all avoidable but dangerous as hell and all in a frantic manner that just screams Mayhem. I was level 20 and enjoyed my time greatly. An adrenaline rush like barely any other. 10/10 would kill again


Absolutely stellar thus far. I think I know the boss you are talking about too.

A few of them (looking at you, Mr. Shocky Guy) feel slightly overtuned for Normal, but I had a blast as Moze. Would hate to be playing someone without a mech.

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I’m playing melee Amara and had a tough time with the bosses since until about level 25ish I was mainly relying on guns (and Mindfulness, lol) to fight with. So most of the bosses were just hold the trigger button with a full auto AR or SMG for 5-10 minutes until I finally whittled down that shield bar… Then another 5-10 minutes for their health. It was boring, but things are better now. As for the actual boss designs, they’re all cool except for the “mini boss that’s just a larger version of a regular or badass enemy with some extra attacks” crowd. Lazy

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I probably should have said who I was playing. I play Fl4k and use a master setup. But from the way the story was going I got the feeling that I’d need a more independent build, so I switched over to the Rakks to heal me if needed. Best possible decision!

There was one side boss so far that I would consider conceptually flawed, because without using a cheap tactic or by bursting him down, he would eventually start playing “the floor is lava” which means constant unavoidable damage. I think we mean the same @Lostbird

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Two noteworthy ones for me so far:

  • An “electric” guy. His quest is apparently level 13. Really didn’t like the fight, was baffled a little by the thought process behind some stuff he did (unavoidable damage, just why?)
  • An evil oppressor guy at around level 16. Has attacks that home in and can summon projectiles to hit you even behind cover. Kinda annoying but the homing isn’t near as bad as, say, the homing rocket barrages of constructors, and I realized it’s actually possible to dodge everything he does, at the cost of a speedy takedown. Props for that.
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Actually the boss fights are the only parts of the game I’m dissatisfied with, the bosses look cool enough, but some seem too difficult, there aren’t enough ads to get second wind on, and I’ve had multiple instances where bosses have glitched out and become unbeatable. It’s a shame because I feel like none of that was an issue in previous games. The rest of the game is awesome, it’s just the boss fights are imo broken.


Well, bosses glitching out sure ruins the experience. I can only hope that the more severe technical problems get patched soon, especially regarding bosses and missions.

I just now found the second “boss” that was problematic. Here it wasn’t the boss itself, it was the arena. The arena was on very uneven ground with lots of stuff in it that could get in the way and that even lead to a death as I slided into a table where I got stuck for just the second the boss needed to kill me. From the attacks themselves the boss was absolutely fine, but my mobility was crippled to a point that I was better off not sliding at all. For those that want to guess what boss it was: It was a story boss I beat at level 25.

In terms of difficulty I find the game overall much harder than any normal playthrough in any previous Borderlands game. And the bosses are no exceptions. Most of them hit like a truck and they want you to never stand still. There were some more laid-back fights, but most of them really came down to the old formula of learning the patterns.

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So far normal mode was a breeze with brawl amara. I am currently in eden 6 and have not encounter a difficult boss yet.

The electric boss wasn’t as hard as people made it out to be. I had some good gear and beat him first time with Zane.

Tough one for me would be the main story boss on planet 3.


Yeah, our beloved “Electro” (a nickname I gave him) isn’t too bad. You need to be ready to burst him down, but that’s a good strategy for most bosses anyway. When the floor became a deathbed I just showered him in grenades and it was over.

I enoy the bosses so far. Finisehd the main campaing and some side quests and it is a pleasant surprise to see the bosses more in line of TPS (manageable) than in line of BL2 (some of them unnecessary hard and requiring tons of cheese). I hope this remains thrue at higher levels and expansions.

They are obviously geared towards team play and not solo. So far a lot have been positional so shooting the target in the back is rarely possible solo. Ammo seems to be an issue as well solo especially with all the additional mobs to the bosses as well.
Most games make them possible solo and increase difficulty with more players but so far this seems to be a case of if your playing solo you need to grind levels to have a chance.

I find the formula for beating all bosses to be quite the same: Shoot and move or move whilst shooting grind and try not to die. I’m using Amara and have set up my character to deal with boss fights. Lots of skill points on Clarity (so that you’re regenerating health all the time), Helping Hands (high damage resistance for 15 seconds after using your action skill) and then Mindfulness (improved shield regeneration delay and movement). Still working on unlocking Guardian Angel (the self-res perk - very useful when you’re a solo player).

You’ve got to use your slides.

Not to insult anyone here, but I think the problem might be that people have run the other Borderlands games so many times now and memorized all those bosses so well that a new batch that takes advantage of some new mechanics may be jarring to you.

Some of the bosses were fun. Didn’t really have issues with any of them (finished the game as an elemental Amara). A few were way too bullet spongy but that’s all down to your weapon. It took me around 10min to kill the last boss for the first time. I got a Flakker from the cache at the end and went for it again, went down in around 1min…would have been less if it didnt lock HP.

The only “issue” I have with the boss set is they’re taking longer to kill than in BL2. Not more difficult, just more time, I have gotten a bit, a tiny bit, bored just spamming bullets and hopping around.
Amara seems pretty well set for bosses with health regen, and I honestly haven’t had ammo issues. Even the electric guy was just lots and lots of jumping, kill a minion for more ammo, jump and spray.

Only issue for me so far was the Electric Guy. Alot of questionable decisions on this boss fight.
The unavoidable AOE active much longer than necessary, especially when it kills his minions you could use for a second chance. Dumb if you ask me.

Outside of that no real problems. Just learning the boss and figuring out the needed tactics and/or gear.

Currently playing FL4K and using the Hunter Tree, only using the Invisible action skill instead of the Rakk Attack. Might seem a strange choice but the invisibity gives a great chance to get behind certain enemies and lay extreme Crit damage, pick up boosters, revive my pet, etc.

Odd. I haven’t seen a glitch yet.

Some are extremely bullet-spongey, especially later - I was running low on ammo constantly.

I enjoyed to boss fights thoroughly. There were only 2 I really had any trouble with, and one of them I felt was well designed. The other, however… I don’t know how they made so many mistakes with it considering the rest of the game is great.
The one I liked was one that has an elemental ball that circled the arena. It was a bit of a cluster, but once I understood the mechanics, I was able to push through and enjoy it.

The other one… where do I start. There is no location to refill ammo anywhere nearby and to get to one you’d have to fight through respawned enemies. No weaker enemies spawn during the fight, so once you’re down, you’re down. The boss has three health bars (which kinda makes sense for the mechanics, but I felt two of them could still have just been combined). And the boss has one move that is a barrage of rockets that move fast enough that they will hit my character if I am just running (i.e. I either need cover or need a speed boost), will down if 3 hit, and the ‘tell’ doesn’t give time to seek cover unless I’ve been playing around cover, which means I can’t be mobile during the fight. The only way I beat it on my first run through of the game was by poking in and out of cover to hit it for a few points of damage for about half an hour. I had a homing pistol that helped for a short while, but by the end of the fight, I used every ounce of ammo I had except 7 sniper shots.
It was incredibly aggravating and felt very out of place in a game with such well designed bosses as the wub wub guy at the beginning.

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Which I would call a good assumption as we are on a Borderlands board of the Gearbox forums xD

Depending on what someone likes to play the slide mechanic is basically new and even if it isn’t if you mainly played past Borderlands games, then your muscle memory really isn’t there. And some of the fights in BL3 are really reflex-intensive, so you either jump and slide or die. Especially the boss I mentioned in the first post killed you in less than a second if you just stood still and even running wasn’t enough in the later phases.

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