"The quality of the weapons dropped by enemies will improve as you work your way up through the Mayhem levels. "

This grind tho


Those blue weapons are probably higher quality - have higher damage - than equivalent weapons on a lower Mayhem level.

That wasn’t the case. I looked these guys over and they were pretty basic and useless. My pre 2.0 weapons are doing more damage then some of the guns i’m finding just because I had been farming guns with specific anoints.

Some of the new anoints are really good and the Legend weps do scale when they roll, but farming for them…

Well, +2500% rarity is just false advertisement.

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Yeah I’ve seen poor lot quality overall. I was hardly getting any drops at all in mayhem 10. Very confused.

Did you have some blue pre-2.0 weapons of the same type on hand to compare?

I can say that a level 55 weapon found in the new M4 had higher damage listed than the same kind of pre-2.0 weapon at level 57. By a couple of thousand.

Not really, I just compared it to my legendaries on hand and then quit in frustration. Rip.

Because of the order in damage tiers, Blues being tier 2 and legendary being tier 4, it seems that in some cases a legendary pre-2.0 still outscales some blue weapons on m10. This is especially if the anoints are ideal.

However, the legendaries on M10, that are clean without anoints, basically outscale the same base legendaries with ideal anoints is what I found. Re-farming for the same crap is too much of a pain tho, and i’ve quit already and am not gonna investigate this further. I’m out.