The Queen's CustomWeapons Project

Hello, I am new here. I have a YouTube and a Twitch that I should maybe use more often. Well, I enjoy Rendroc’s WarZone mod a lot, so here is my current version of CustomWeapons.

I have my own comments written in there, but here is an overview of what I have:

  • 2 hit kill weapons (except sniper rifles and large caliber weapons like the Browning M2, they get 1 hit kills)
  • No iron sight zoom (makes combat ranges seem longer than they really are, but I find this makes the gameplay smoother)
  • Accurate cyclic rates for all weapons based on research
  • Accuracy error values meant to account for human error and help balance the game
  • Adjusted suppression values
  • A more realistic grenade blast radius
  • M1A1 has 20 round magazines since that is what the in-game model uses
  • StG44 magazine capacity is 25 rounds since soldiers wouldn’t load 30 rounds to prevent over compressing the spring
  • M1 Garand and BAR recoil adjusted for balance (M1 Garand was very high and hard to use, BAR a little too easy to use and control)

Well, I might have missed something, I don’t know. Now, what I hope to get, mostly through mods that I can’t make:

  • Variable damage! Sometimes get 1 hit kills, sometimes not.
  • Semi and full automatic selections for weapons (maybe in-game toggle as well)
  • Slow and fast cyclic rates for the BAR (yes, it had these)
  • Scope zoom adjustments, FG42 needs to be increased, Springfield needs to be lower (it’ll be so useless though), probably keep the K98 the same
  • Lower sight sway for sniper rifles

So, there is that. Feel free to post an questions, suggestions, etc. Have a good day.

Yeah, a selectable fire mod would be great…just like a sway mod for the weapons…they would be wonderful toghether!
Keep it up! Cannot wait to give it a try!
Also, a “Keep pressed a button to aim down the sight” mod would be great as well

Thanks @QueenDracWraith. I can add your version of CustomWeapons to the mod, or maybe you and jmoney can combine some elements if you think you have common playing styles.

Still working on the FOV requests.

Feel free to add it to the mod. I hope that we as the community can make it better. I just want that variable damage. That would probably add the most to it and make gameplay more dynamic.

The biggest thing I’m not set on is the suppression values. I just kind of went with my gut for those.

Ok I forgot I can look at the variable weapon damage too

The variable damage Idea is GREAT! I honestly think that our custom weapon files may be a bit too different on the player damage end to combine them. First of all, I have the war zone ally AI set to 100 health rather than 250 (it may be a good idea to have this be a Configurable option in custom weapons). I just found it more realistic that some of them would die in battle if I gave bad orders than being terminators taking multiple hits. Its caused me to adjust my tactics and it keeps them alive. Also, with my custom weapons.ini I have player health and ally AI health, set to the same damage setting as the germans! Really adds to the intensity of the firefights when you know two shots can take you out.

Also, i have all rifle shots, set to one hit kill except for the m1 carbine.
Here’s my updated ini:

Uh, I’m pretty sure everyone I fight has 100 health. They all die in 2 shots unless it’s a sniper rifle. I tried having fire team weapons 1 hit kill and assault team weapons 2 hit kill, but that failed miserably. Variable damage and a soldier health option in CustomWeapons should be great. There’s also the stuff I listed in my first post as well.

Everyone you fight has 100 health but the warzone extra USA troops don’t. They have 250 health. I had to mod it personally so that it was more evenly matched.

jmoney’s right. I made the WarZone soldiers stronger because they get shot up pretty good with their aggressive AI. All these years and I never thought of it, but there should be a config file for the whole mod. Oh well, one more thing for the list…

What’s the weapons mod going to be called? QueenWeapons?

Also, I found the settings for damage variance. It’s been in the game all along, but I just forgot about it. I can add it to CustomWeapons.

We could use the current settings as a maximum and give all weapons a minimum you can set as a percentage, for example:


…means that the base for the P38 is 30 so the lower range is 0.230=6, so 6-30 damage. For the K98 it would be 900.2=18 so 18-90 damage.

Or we could have a range for every single weapon individually:


I don’t like adding a whole bunch of individual weapon settings like that but if you think we really need it then it can be done.

One more thing. I can also put in a hip fire accuracy scale.

Hmm… QueenWeapons sounds good to me, I don’t really care. Let me test out this damage variance thing real quick.

Ok, I didn’t have time for much testing, but here is what I found: It seems that the range of damage values that will occur is NOT random. I’m noticing that higher damage values will occur more often, which I’m not ok with. If possible, I would like to make it completely random so and let where the mins and maxes are set how powerful the weapons are.

Right. The min and max right now are almost the same, and I’m going to fix that.

What I’m asking is, if the max is 90 or 100, what’s the minimum damage the K98 should do? 1 point? 10 points? 50?

Max 100, minimun 75, if you’re askink me…we’re talking about a full caliber rifle cartridge!

Assuming that soldier HP is 100 and the damage selection is completely random, the maximum and minimum damage values should be more extreme than what you wish to achieve. If you want a weapon to get 1 hit kills a lot, then setting the maximum to 100 will rarely yield that effect. Instead, a maximum of 120 would yield 1 hit kills more offen. I’ll work on a proposed damage value range later. Also, there are times where a bullet may graze a target, so little damage would occur. If a damage model based on hit location could be made for humans, that would help make shot placement matter.

Wow great news Rendroc! I think this: “Damage_K98_=(min=20,max=100)

Would work VERY well for small arms. Since we basically only want small arms like rifles or .45 caliber rounds to possible have much variance (one or two shot kill).

So does this mean I can NOW input such a code like that and it will work for the weapons to give then maximum and min damage? Or would you have to do more coding and repackaging?

You could always make the max for rifle caliber (m1 k98 BAR FG42 stg) 100 and the min 99. That would be perfect to sometimes get one hit kills and other times two shot kills pretty evenly. Thats the way to do it if you want it to be 50/50.

For .45 caliber (Thompson colt m3a1) perhaps max:100 and min:98

9mm (mp40 p38) or .30 carbine (technically the .30 carbine is closer to the .9mm than .45 based upon ballistic velocity and range) Perhaps= max: 96 min: 80

Also imagine if we could figure out a way to make 50cal SHOOT THROUGH COVER! is there a shoot through walls possibility with this game?

There is, because that’s how some of the FX stuff works. The thing I would worry about is the AI, which will think that it is safe behind cover when it actually isn’t.

[quote=“jmoney1, post:15, topic:212653”]
So does this mean I can NOW input such a code…Or would you have to do more coding and repackaging?[/quote]
Yes, more work is needed, as usual :smile:

aww always…but hope its fun work! As far as the Cover for 50 cal… i personally think its fine if the German AI is taking cover behind a wall and we hop on the Sherman tank and blast them away behind cover with that 50 cal beast of a gun! hopefully it doesn’t require much work and there is a setting in the default properties somewhere… ill try to search around for it myself too.

Alrighty, here I go with my proposed weapon damage ranges. Here are a few notes before I get to those numbers:

  • I will list the full damage range and the middle 75% to help get an idea of what the damage levels typically will be.
  • The goal is for 2-3 hit kills to be typical, but sometimes more or less depending on how nice the RNG feels on any given day.
  • All weapons will have the ability to kill in 1 shot. This should enhance realism, emphasize tactics, and make sure no weapon becomes OP.
  • All damage ranges are based on soldiers having 100 HP

Here are the weapon groupings in order of most powerful to least powerful with damage ranges:

  • 1903A4 Springfield, K98 Sniper, Browning M2 (150-150 damage to ensure 1 hit kills, sniper rifles are here to give them an advantage considering how hard they are to use)
  • M1 Garand, BAR, K98, FG42 (scoped and not scoped), MG42, Browning 30 Cal (34-156, Middle 75%: 40-140)
  • StG44 (29-151, Middle 75%: 35-135)
  • M1A1 Thompson, M3A1 Grease Gun (19-141, Middle 75%: 25-125)
  • M1 Carbine, MP40 (14-136, Middle 75%: 20-120)
  • Colt 1911A1, Walther P38 (9-131, Middle 75%: 15-115)

This is a rough number set, but it should be interesting to try out. We should work together to fine tune these numbers. Oh, here are my accuracy error values that I’m currently using, we can probably work on these some. I personally think these numbers work well though. For reference, 3.03 is approximately 1 Minute of Angle (1 inch at 100 yards), but no iron sight zoom makes 100 yards seem way further. The longest test range on the weapons test map is around 100m (1 Unreal Unit=1cm).

AccuracyError_MG42_=150 ;MG accuracy error kept higher to create a beaten zone
;AccuracyError_K98Sniper=0 ; K98Sniper has perfect accuracy and cannot be changed.

AccuracyError_Bar=75 ;Accuracy error meant to make weapon accurate but still create a beaten zone
;AccuracyError_Springfield=0 ; Springfield has perfect accuracy and cannot be changed.

While I’m here, let me add my suppression values. These work, but they aren’t finely tuned.


Here is the percentage of each damage range in various kill zones (1 hit kill, 2 hit kill, and 3 hit kill):

  • Group 1 (sniper rifles and large caliber weapons): 100% 1 hit kill
  • Group 2 (full powered rifles and MGs): 46% 1 hit kill, 40% 2 hit kill, 14% 3 hit kill
  • Group 3 (assault rifle): 42% 1 hit kill, 40% 2 hit kill, 14% 3 hit kill
  • Group 4 (.45 SMG): 34% 1 hit kill, 40% 2 hit kill, 14% 3 hit kill
  • Group 5 (9mm SMG and carbines): 30% 1 hit kill, 40% 2 hit kill, 14% 3 hit kill
  • Group 6 (pistols): 26% 1 hit kill, 40% 2 hit kill, 14% 3 hit kill