The Raid on digi peak?

will getting this add-on add the ‘pearlescent’ rarity to loot drops? and also im a lv 42, will i have a difficult time in this area? (under normal mode)

on TVHM , No no problem, but until you Hit UVHM and Level 72 you will only be able to play the first run-through of Digi-Peak

i have no plans doing tvhm :frowning:

oooh well at least its fun farming this activity and tannis rewards me with pink rarity weapons

should play it at least the Digi Peak part in TVHM (you don’t need to play any of the main mission just get to claptraps place and the first travel station). At your level Digi Peak is a Cake Walk in NVHM, Playing it in TVHM will be just a little tougher, but still fairly easy, but it will give you a little more XP to boost your level’s higher to make even that run a cake walk.