The Raid on Digistruct Peak Fails - Post pics, tell stories

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Hello all…
Sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh at yourself. This is a lot of that. Post your pics of how you failed in getting through Digistruct Peak. We’ve all had them. Lets enjoy some of RNG’s best pranks on us…

Oh Dukino’s Mom, you salty bitch! lol @jefe and I had a spit ball come over the little hill/rock we tend to kite her around. Fail! lol

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Great idea for a thread. I haven’t run the Peak in a while but pretty much every run I do could qualify for this thread :laughing:

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I was surprised to find it didn’t exist. Thanks by the way. :blush:


Seconded, that’s pretty amazing !

The feeling you get when you get a Bloodsplosion Damage Cap with Melee Krieg in Digistruct Peak … (I died later to Dukino’s Mom spamming shock balls of death IIRC :joy:)

Edit - the feeling I was talking about :

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She’s such a salty bitch! :joy::sweat_smile:
Love the pic. :acmaffirmative:

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Ha! How have we neglected this thread idea for this long. I think we toyed with starting a Dukino’s Mom therapy thread earlier this year :laughing:

I’ve got boatloads of fails - I’ll see if I can find some pics.

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I have a feeling a lot of fails will be due to her. We’re gonna see a lot of Dukino’s Mom in here. :sweat_smile:

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Died to my own baby maker with no enemys around to get a 2nd wind.

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I’ll be surprised if this thread doesn’t hit 10000+ posts. The only thing with a chance of rivaling D’s mom in this thread is operator error.

My favorite (that I can remember) was the first time I hit the 2× Scorch and 4× surveyors spawn with Salvester. I dropped the Scorch twins and got FFYLed by the remaining surveyors. Close second is when Maytastrophe was running from Scorch and backed over the cliff in the first area as Scorch ate a few fatal rounds of Harold spray.

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Ooooo ooooo!!

That last surveyor that gets stuck in the cliff just before OMG.

Sometimes I can get it with homing slag, shock and Pandemic grenades, but if it’s a SBA forget it.

Actually one time I sent a Steam request to SRG for him to help me out because it got stuck right near the FT. He jumped in and dislodged it and we killed it together. I can’t decide if that made it a failed run or not.

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@SomeRandomGuy11 Needs to come grab that Bunny RL I’m holding for him. :wink:
I need my backpack space Bloke! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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You know…if you had not swapped from your Fleet, the reload would have been in time for another shot or two. You panicked. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Which I’m guilty of doing quite often.

Edit: I got a good laugh out of it, however. Watching you down yourself at the end of the Peak. Awe…man! :rofl:

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Actually it was a PBFG which is why it didn’t have the desired effect. I have since gotten a Norfleet like a big boy.

I’m a pro.

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Ah, my bad. I take it back. PBFG isn’t gonna get er done. Sorry for my confusion. :wink:

Yes, I know. :roll_eyes:

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I’m a professional problem creator… I can make the most smooth run go terribly in seconds. @Sun_Tsunami and @nat_zero_six can attest to that :smiley:


Everything was going really smoothly the first time I attempted to unlock OP8 with Deputy Sal. One of those sessions where my aim is much better than usual. I get to OMGWTH pretty quickly and I’m feeling really good, thinking I have this thing in the bag. Well, I got careless and I end up in FFYL as OMGWTH is going down. I really should’ve taken a screenshot, but was too angry to remember.

Then there are those damn surveyors getting stuck, preventing me from finishing a stage. I hate surveyors.

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I think this is something we all can agree on. :sweat_smile:

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I have a few both with Saturn.

Long Jump

Saturn Perfect Bore (start in 11:00 mark)

(Brisbane Greg ) #20

(There are so many I try to block them out :grimacing: )
I don’t have a screenshot, but after clearing Saturn’s area, casually walking back to the ammo vendor… and walked straight off the cliff.