The Raid on Digistruct Peak Fails - Post pics, tell stories

(Santa Söze) #21

(words so the gods will actually allow me to post this)

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #22

So much this. Those badass ones… well, whoever thought they were a good idea has a special place in hell reserved for them.

(Dandroid16) #23

I don’t know if I can remember any specific great fails on my Peak runs, but while I was unlocking levels solo, I was stuck on the OP7 run for a long time. This was my Maya character, my first BL2 love and the one character I am most comfortable with, and I just couldn’t get past that run. Finally did, and then I think I nailed the OP8 run the first time right after. It was just like… Come on, really??

But sometime soon I’m going to be trying a melee Zero leveling up run, so I’ll try to remember to drop a few deaths in here because I’m sure there’ll be a thousand to choose from. Trying to get back into the zone after a few months in TPS. ha. Scaling shock.

(Dandroid16) #24

There’s a spawn in the TPS leet haxors arena where you’ll sometimes get 3 ultimate badass bugs at once, and even with crappy scaling I hate it. The fact that they throw in badass surveyors at the very end of the Peak is just wrong. Lol


Damn, I didn’t know the damage could get THAT crazy. 995220K !!!