The rare, balanced match

This happens too frequent for me or anyone else for that matter: either my team is overpowering the other team, or it’s the complete opposite, then there’s the rare occasion where both teams are balanced and know what their suppose to do to win, meltdown matches get past the first finale stage resulting in both teams trying to escort their elite minion, incursion is a back and forth ordeal, capture and face-off are much more enjoyable without one team dominating the other in kills and score. This happens very little and I think gearbox needs to add playlist based on command rank, might have been said before but this is how I figure it would work:

Rank 1 - 19 playlist

Rank 20 - 49 playlist

Rank 50 - 99 playlist

Rank 100 - 150 playlist

That’s how I fiqure it: low ranks VS low ranks, high ranks VS high ranks for balanced matchs, it be excepted that high ranks have more knowledge on the characters and how they function. Low ranks VS low ranks would make it so starters can learn the charecters with other learners.

(subject to change)


There are just not enough people playing to split it into four groups. Matchmaking is too slow already. I have mentioned similar things before and seen other mention it too. I think they should make it so that you have to reach rank 25 before you can even play against live opponents but i can see how that might turn away some newcomers.


Just split in two… New players and everyone else.

Maybe (exploitable) low elo and high elo.

For pc, maybe we’d be lucky if you make it <100 and >100…maybe people could still find games that way.

Yea under and over might be the best way to do this.

If they were to do this, it’d pretty much have to be 0-75 and 76-150.

Comand rank is not a good solution! I have been in teams with ppl lvl 110 who have no idea how to play

With enough free platinums to buy exp boosters i see a lot of “fake” lvl 100+


that just means they put themselves into a harder category, while their buddies continue to fight more equally skilled opponants. :slight_smile:

or are you saying you dont want them on your team?

Few days ago, a guy played orendi and constantly “leaded” the push…

Yeah he jumped infront of montana and benedict as orendi… Every single time he died he blamed the team for not follow his push.

We had an intermitent benedict (dced due lag) asian isic and ambra who did a great job… This orendi just died like 12 times.

When i told him to stop getting out of position he became toxic. He tried to cheese the sentry and got destroyed by it. Evey single time we managed to push, he over extended again… It was 3 and a feeder vs 5.

He claimed to know everything about orendi because master orendi. He was lvl 110 iirc, i told him i was master of every character and called me liar and well some racist sht.

Edit: some ppl dont know how to play because they did pve and bots. Cr means nothing when they dont know the basics of this game…

Forgot to add he got like 8 kills (everyone else 3) and a lame amount of minions…


I’m just going to be the guy to say this. CR has nothing to do with how skilled a player is. I’ve run into many players at high CR that have shown no more knowledge of the game than new players. Dividing up the player base like this won’t make for more balanced matches, it’ll make it take longer to find matches that will be unbalanced anyway.

The only way to make for more balanced matchmaking is to have stricter ELO. But the risk of that is that it would take ages to find games at all.


I just want a safe space for noobs to play. I dont mind noobs in my team (i mind toxic players).

Some players like to find how to play by themselves and need room to experiment helix trees and strategies.

I spend must of my time solo queue and send link with the bb forums when i see someone strugle. Sometimes ppl dont like when i ask if they need tips…

Bots pvp is not the best place to train noobs… Bots teach the opposite of the game basics… They ignore minions, hunt players and over extend all the time.


I think it would be nice to tap in to how much time a player has played. I would say to make it a 40 hr split. Maybe more than 40 hrs but definitely not less than 40 hrs. Those who play less are obviously just casual player and have only put enough time in to grasp how only a handful of characters work. Those over 40 are obviously more seasoned. These are your players that will strive for cr 100+ and try to master characters.

As I said, the amount of hours may differ depending on each opinion but I feel the base solution would work.

if we split the base by cr, its for the sake of the <100’s at the cost of rate of games for the >100’s.
if they bump themselves over 100 too quickly thats their loss.

bear in mind, i recognize this would be a queue split. eg, no more ‘incursion’ playlist for those folks who only play that :stuck_out_tongue: itd be all modes < and all modes >.

That sounds like a punish for spend money in this game…

I still belive in a protected safe area for new players, kids/old players and “casual” players.

Bots are not enough :frowning:

If I was a rank 5 new to this game and I see a full team on the other side above 100, and mine is measly 20’s and 40’s, yeah, something’s off and we’ll probably cry a little bit from that stomp. Even if it’s not a stomp, it would scare some and it wouldn’t be uncommon for a new player to run off upon seeing all those high ranks.

So hiding CR is better than nothing.

Also, I think splitting queues by rank would just not work. ELO is a much better determination of skill.

The problem is, how do you enforce a ‘casual’ queue for such players? And by enforce, I mean completely separate them with absolutely no player choice. Because sure we can mark QM as the “casual” queue and Draft as the “competitive” queue but unless the game actively enforces those queues and bars entry accordingly, then they mean nothing. It came as no surprise to me when GBX said more 5 man teams were using quick match than draft, because there’s the issue of queue times and the teams who just want to take advantage of Battleborn’s no ELO matchmaking and pound scrubs into the ground.

We also can’t support a lot of different queues without seeing a hit to queue time, as Natsume said. If we enforce more queues to seperate players, then we have to lesson the amount of dedicated queues for each mode. Not so much an issue on PC given we only have QM and Bots at the moment, but the other platforms regularly complain whenever their favored queues get taken off.

Solo/duo queue is the bandaid solution in place of ELO and works well in comparison to the current situation, but there are still some teams who are willing to queue dodge until they get paired with their teammates, and it still doesn’t correct the issue of high skilled players going against lower skilled ones. It’s also not available all the time.

Command Rank is a mostly meaningless number, as discussed multiple times.

ELO, while far from perfect and definitely flawed in some aspects, is one of the easiest and least disruptive ways of allowing players to play in a similar skill bracket. Unfortunately, as we all know, Battleborn is incapable of supporting ELO, both because of population and because of how matchmaking works from a fundamental level.

The best solution I can think of is a very soft ELO selection. Matchmaking first looks for players who are of similar skill level (which would be calculated with a plethora of stats, both team and individual) and after every minute open up the ELO range more and more. There would have to be some messy math going on for calculating matchmaking range once some players get put together, but I’m sure a working formula can be found. Ideally I would want this in tandem with a matchmaking overhaul that defers 5 man teams against each other and looks for 10 total players to split up into 2 teams, but Gearbox has said multiple times this is off the table.

Ofc the above solution wouldn’t do much for PC, but well… nothing short of a Gaben granted surge of thousands of players who get addicted immediately is likely to help PC right now.


I’ve mentioned this several times, like a matchmaking group that allows only players command rank lvl 30 and below to play, so they can have a decent amount of time to settle into the game and learn the basic mechanics. After reaching lvl 30 it locks them out of being able to use that matchmaking lobby of lvl 30s and below. After lvl 30 then they start playing against the rest of the community. Some have argued it sounds like throwing them to the wolves after lvl 30, but in all honesty that’s a good thing. I personally would prefer better matches against players that aren’t just going to quit out or stop playing because they are losing. My squad I played with,win or lose, had the rule of no surrender.

Now, to those that might argue “but the community needs more people, the player count is low” well yeah, that’s what happens when you release your title right next to anything Blizzard makes (I mean Overwatch), your community isn’t going to be huge to begin with. We won’t see a huge surge of player base anytime soon, so just trying to fill the space up with players who aren’t being challenged/challenging the veterans will not make for a fun remaining lifecycle of a pretty solid game.

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What happens when ppl decide to do pve before pvp?

They can reach lvl 30-50 if they do normal then adv or try to get some lore done, they will miss the safe area for doing pve first.

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Battlefield had the same concept and I liked it, you were forced to play on “Noob Servers” (yes that’s what they’re really called) until you reach an specific level (I think it was 10) , after ten you had no access to Noobservers anymore.
Yes it was kinda get throwed to the wolves, but at least you had a few hours to learn the basics, explore maps and try all the modes.
I’d like to see something similar in BB, bu as santbech stated:

well, here could come something like an ELO into the game, Battlefield had an “Skill” value (I still think noone even knows how that was calculated back then…), which wasn’t really an indicator of the players actual skill, but if you win some matches with positive K/D’s, high objective scores and ressuplie’s/heals, your skill rating raised, something similar could be viable for BB.
The level says nothing at all, I know several players who started subaccounts because they were bored with having platin trophys and full maxed exp bars, or did it simply to troll other people, I’ve seen low lvl CR’s with amazing gameplay, as I’ve seen highlevel players who were, let’s face it, useless from the first second in the match…

long story short: I do support the idea of having a “safe zone” for beginners, but not if they 're splitted by CR