The REAL Issue with Ambra (is not about balance)

I’m not here to talk about Ambra’s numbers, about whether she’s been nerfed into the ground, or if she’s still overpowered despite them. No, I’m here to talk about an issue with her audio.

We all know (or should know) that Ambra is capable of upgrading her Staff of Radiance with the ability to heal her allies. This healing comes at the cost of her own health. When Ambra suffers this health damage she, like all other Battleborn, grunts and groans in pain.

But! The thing is, Ambra has voice lines clearly intended to trigger when she implements this healing mechanic. If you can’t listen to them for whatever reason, allow me to provide some transcripts:

“Oh go on, take all of my blood.”
“My suffering is your strength!”
“Let it never be said that I was not a team player!”
“Hold still and let me help, you twitchy little thing!”
“Stop squirming, child!”

These lines really fit and flesh out Ambra’s personality! In addition, not only are these lines simply more entertaining than “Oof! Argh! Aah!” but they can offer more information to nearby players. If I’m out front with a friendly Ambra behind me, I can’t tell audibly if she’s healing an ally or being attacked by a Deande. Even if the distinction is obvious, it’s simply grating to hear Ambra wincing in pain for every tick of health she loses to healing.

Sadly, I’ve never heard any of these lines uttered in game. Why is that? Is it a bug? An oversight? A conscious design decision? Only Gearbox knows. This also raises the question: Who else has voice lines left unsaid? Who else has more to say then what they say in game?