The real problems with Zane and his powers

So let me start off by saying: ZANE IS GREAT, Love Zane, got to go fast and deal TONS of damage 10/10 lots of fun, but he does have some problems with his action skills that are essential to his kit.

SNTL Drone: Works fine! flys around, buffs you and debuffs enemies 10/10 it works
The fix: none needed

Barrier: ok so the barrier works OK most of the time BUT if you want to shoot a weapon with a High rate of fire or shoots more than one projectile like a shotgun, or a SMG with a cool firing more, or pretty much any legendary gun then the effect it puts on the bullets will take up 100% of your screen if your carrying it.
The fix: just remove the effect, were not dumb and blind and we can tell when we have shot though a big glowing wall, its a easy fix and makes the barrier 1000000% more usable

Digi-Clone: this one works great…until you hit level 50 or turn on mayhem as it will always die in one hit, Yes I know they buffed it by giving it 200% health and I have played with it but it still dies in a single hit making it 100% pointless
The Fix: either give it the same full HP and shield as Zane so it doesn’t die right away, buff its health by a further 1000% (considering at 200% it still dies in one hit maybe at 10000% it can at least take 10 hits) OR reduce its over all damage (bring its damage in line with the SNTL drone) and make it invulnerable OR AT LEAST let it get downed so you can revive it with a kill or bringing it back up…also maybe add a thing in witch you hold the button to have it teleport to you in place of just swapping places.

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Your clone should not die in 1 hit anymore. Are you playing offline?

I can have the warden jump on my clone and it’ll still not kill it in one hit.

The clone is only on a 5-10s CD end game so you don’t ever need to second wind it and it recovers health/shields if you have Donnybrook / a decent shield. If your clone is low on HP and you NEED it for your build, just swap it out and keep it alive.

If you don’t have Boom Enhance any build you are trying to do with keeping your clone alive is gonna be weaker.

on mayhem 3 if a bad ass with a badass sees my clone it is 100% dead…or any heavy enemy really

I only play on TVHM M3 and before the patch I understood the struggle. I mean sure the clone can’t facetank everything, but if you want a passive source of damage just use the drone.

The clone for me survives 4-5 hits, more than enough time for me to get my nova/ammo regen/dopplebanger/old-u out.

If I want the clone to survive, I’ll give it life steal or use a shield that’s better for that purpose.

Your clone copies your shield. If the shield is better at keeping you alive, it’ll also be better at keeping the clone alive. Also if you REALLY don’t want your clone to die, just set it inside/behind a barrier.

do…do you not use 2 powers? because that is the problem, the drone is fine but the shield makes you blind and the clone just dies really fast and when one drops you lose like 30% extra damage.

Any combination of them works, the shield is very difficult to see through with high fire rate weapons, but works well if it’s on the ground or you use low fire rate weapons/projectiles where the amp affect doesn’t matter.

Clone and Shield should only be simultaneously activated for bursting targets IMO if you are using that setup for 40% synchronicity and having difficulty keeping the clone alive.

If you have the appropriate gear for the difficulty level you shouldn’t have huge issues doing damage. For sustained damage Clone/Drone is better because you can constantly keep them both up for Synchronicity.

I still like Clone / X better because Clone has way more utility than the other two augments.

So pure damage wise, barrier is better but the problem is as stated when carrying the barrier and shooting a gun that shoots more than one shot OR shoots very fast OR shoots something other than a normal bullet your vision drops to 0, the barrier does not last as long but you can throw it out more often (the domb buff lowers CD by 20%)
Now when using the clone the main way to get the big damage buff with that is swapping places with it as much as you can so it will be in harms way and because it apparently has like 1/4 your HP pretty much any heavy hit will kill it, more so if the enemies have 40% extra damage or a extra projectile.
now the damage your clone and drone does DOES NOT MATTER, not in the least, the done is good because of the “bad dose” ability that debuffs enemies attack speed and speed and buffs zanes for every enemy debuffed by 6%, because it makes you move faster it makes you deal more damage.