The real reason Bot Battle was withheld

Let’s be frank, the boys are just bad. After a decent amount of time playing the game in it’s final state it makes me wonder how we got here.

After playing private Incursions matches for a good while iv seen an array of nonsense I never experienced in this game before. Besides the obvious aim bot programming we see some ally bots who will literally not even run past the middle of the map on Overgrowth. Some bots will Horde shards and run circles around your base then stand by a wall doing nothing.

There are also a list of character spicific issues.

Kid Ultra uses his ult on CD and then simply deactivates.
Bolder dose literally nothing but collect shards and occasionally buy a buildable.
Atikkus will cancel his own ult.
Alani can see people though walls and cast her Geyser though walls.
Klesse can see people though walls and place energy rifts though walls.
Ambra can see player though walls and place Sun spots though walls.
(Several other character bots can do similar placements though solid walls or geometry)
Ernest will oddly always look to put his Power Egg on enemy rendering it useless.

Bots always seem to prioritize buildable items even at the cost of their own lives. In Incursion Bots will frequently run straight up to enemy Sentries if it means attacking a low health enemy. Bots will run to a random corner when brought to low health even when an escape path is wide open.
In reality these bots are well very poorly programmed. I understand the focus was on a PVP based game but people asked for bot battle since launch. Why didn’t the team focus on making Bot Battle a thing with competent and challenging bots.

All this was brought up when the game was actually active, heh. The devs tried to fix bots but ended up breaking them more, so they just left them in their broken state. BB was just handled so poorly and it’s a shame. I truly believe, with everything in me, that this game could have been hugely successful. Awesome PvP, PvE, Lore, plenty of modes, plenty of maps, great character building, and great loot system. There is currently no other game that has all these aspects. BB just was badly marketed, had a horrible matchmaking system, and just happened to come out right before Overwatch. It makes me so sad. Seriously.

Agree 100%
If the game was rubbish I would just leave it, going through the game again one last time before its gone forever is both awesome and soul destroying. Bought a physical copy of the game (for $2!) as a keepsake. I’m going to miss you Battleborn.