The reality of Mayhem 2.0 and number

After a few tests

  • Chest do not scale with mayhem difficulty, making chest now completely useless, and overall nerfing drop rate by a good amount since chest were a decent source of leg

  • M10 weapon is roughly x2.5 (I lucked a drop a M10 krakatoa, which have a definite card damage, and I could do the math from the old version) more powerfull that all mayhem. M10 ennemy have roughly 12 time the healthpool, meaning that at equivalent build, M10 is basically M4 x4.8 HP

  • New modifier seem cool so far and add some interesting mechanic inducing higher challenge without breaking the game too much. Some modifier seem to act as the old M3 modifier and force you to be a walking armory as they might wreck your weapon mechanics (Like making half the enemies immune to one element), but they don’t seem too numerous so far

I might not have gotten to the bottom of all new mechanic, but I think that it sum it up in term fact about the new mayhem.

In my opinion, the new system is a total miss on what we might have expected. The new modifier are very cool, but the scaling of weapon versus enemies is way off. The promise was : You’ll gear yourself up to higher difficulties, which entailed that once geared from one mayhem level, I could progress to the next to have a linear difficulty, but it’s more “Once you’re gear in a level, you can go to the next to keep your grind on way more bullet spongey enemies”

edit :

  • Quest item don’t scale either. By by to those gun that were already a pain in the ass since you couldn’t farm them

Edit 2 :

After some further testing with modifier :

Rank 1, meant to help you

  • Lootsplosion : So uterly useless it’s an insult. Yeah, it’ll drop a few green and blue
  • Boomer : Must have if you play a grenade build. Useless in other case
  • Speed demon : Absolutely gigantic speed boost, absolutely insane. Perfectly useless since we currently spent a shitload of time actually killing ennemies. It might help on Zane
  • +25% damage +100% spread and recoil : Seriously? Appart if you use a weapon that don’t give a damn about spread and recoil, this is a massive nerf to your DPS instead of buffing you
  • Big head : This one is silly, but god damn strong as it make going full crit way easier

Rank 2 :
Most are fine, and just require some additional gameplay, but two of them are insanely annoying :

  • Enemy get stacking resistance against the damage that you use, stack up to 60%
  • The floor is lava : It’s not fun, you get freaking spammed with this â– â– â– â– , you can’t stop running to pick up an item, of to aim, seriously overtuned

Rank 3 :
Nothing that shocked me, I think

Rank 4 :
Tremendous balance issue here :

  • Death : Cause a small skull to run at you and OS you. Honnestly, the skull has SO much HP I found it more worthy to prep an enemy, jump on the skull to trigger FFYL, and then kill the preped enemy. It has an insane amount of HP
  • Elemental invulnerability + nova : Manageable I think, but it’ll turn your brain into paste trying to adapt to all enemies having dfferent immunity
  • Rogue life : This one piss me off. The FFYL is a gigantic BAND AID on the fact that enemies are poorly balanced, and you can get OS for no reason, tanking off FFYL is okay, but fix the damn game first
  • 75% crit : As if the enemies weren’t ALREADY bullet spongey enough
  • +25% crit -50% non crit This is a buff, not a challenging modifier
  • Immunity drone : This one is actually way more fun than I thought

M10 also has a pretty decent chance to drop M0 gear. I killed some anointed enemies on M10, it took like forever and all I got was a Musket with 895 dmg. Furthermore, items from Moxxi also don’t scale which essentially makes her weapons unusable in M10. I thought OP levels were bad but this is definitely worse. The whole thing is just a total mess.


Yea my lost and found no longer works either which is just brilliant :confused:


I have quitted very fast, there is a problem of sound, with different ability noise playing in loop for no reason.


Yea like constant static or wind blowing all the time. Yea… just got that. It’s horrendous


Also story reward weapons don’t seem to scale either, I assume it’s the same for side quests so RIP Seventh Sense I guess.


So basically m10 is like putting a true takedown modifier on everything, which I’ve always wanted but they over compensated us in terms of damage by far.
Unless they plan on giving us an actual challenge.

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m4 is +800% more HP, wouldn’t that mean it is the “enemy normal HP” + " 8X normal HP" (9x HP)?
That would mean that M10 with +12500% is “enemy normal HP” + " 125X normal HP" (126x HP).

So M10 is M4 x 14, right? Or am I really off in the status interpretation?


I never understood this statement. I always got way more drops from enemies than chests. It wasn’t even close.

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I admit i retained the +1000% of shield and armor as the old M4. Forgot health bonus was lower.

Then yeah, it’s worse

Depend on the map you run, the density of chests, and the density of badass and annointed since those are the main source of legendarie.

Of course it’s not a MAJOR loss, but still, on map that weren’t crawling with badass, chest represented somewhere between 10 to 20% of the drop.

That sounds right to me.

But we’ve also seen that M10 guns appear to have ~2.6 times the damage of M0 guns. Meaning M10 enemies vs M10 gear are 5 - 6 times as tough as M4 enemies vs M0 gear.


Fun? Wait till you guys encounter 2 Anointed Militants, 2 Hardened Bad asses with rocket launchers that literally spam the f**k out of their infinite ammo, with pin point accuracy from freaking 20 miles away, and a Hardened Tink, all in the same small area on Mayhem 10, and they all want you dead

Fun?, it’s garbage and stupid


Of course you have trouble doing M10. It is the whole point. You can’t handle it? Try M8 to get better loot.

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The guys is right, it’s a totally stupid amount of tankiness for enemies. Also if you even tried to read my topic, which you didn’t for all purpose, you would have know this isn’t a matter of gun, I’m shooting at enemy with M10 weapon (Here an annointed krakatoa with +50% fire damage annointement, which is for that matter one of the top weapon, and close to a perfect roll)

M10 enemies have x5-6 tankiness, with make it absolutely insane when you face enemies that were already long to kill


I tried Mayhem 5, and it’s a pathetic joke, enemies are just bullet sponges, so there’s no way I would go even higher than Mayhem 5

Once I get my character up to level 57, I’ll give Mayhem mode another go, but for now, this is not fun at all, it’s a very painful experience, and that’s not what games should be like


Guardian rank XP also seems busted. I was playing and it took AGES to level up. Come to find that somehow you are earning less XP on m10. I played all day and got 3 tokens, where I normally would have gotten at least 8 before the update.

Drop rates are also messed up. I killed Tyreen and Graveward several times each and they didn’t even drop anything. I got like 3 legendaries out of a collective 6 or 7 kills between them. WTH.


Well its early days, the reality is it’ll change around a bit. This today, isn’t the final product

This product is already 8 months old and we still have bugs.


Bundling modifyers with toughness increase is missed opportunity. On its own running wierd modifyers or adjusting sponge to match ridiculous damage stacking is quite satisfying.
And loot levels split per Ms… unified loot with adjustable difficulty was my favourite bit about old M. Oh well.