The reason why i like hw1 multiplayer better

You never know who will win :smile:
Ships have more hull, less firepower, giving more room for combat tatics, so you can change the tide of battle.
Hw2 over 9000 firepower makes the game snowballs too much imo.

I was wondering when someone would say it and lest not forget the ability to Bball and swarm… just saying thanks for the vid awesome.

Hi all,

i like the intense feeling to be with your ships (fleet) in HW.
To explore the viewrange with your own ships only (different viewranges).
Consequently you command your fleet with your shipviews, thats greate.

I dont like the freeslide or the wide visibility, but i think you will have the free option in HWR to slide, so everyone can find his own gamingstyle. I´m only sad that the possibility of surprise in your view is gone.

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When I played HW1, it was very immersive, you will feel almost part of the fleet, their short sensors and view range made you feel like if you were surrounded by dustclouds and the enemy could show up in any moment.

That’s why I proposed this changes. All hail hw1!