The Relevance of Roses/The So Happy Together trailer has a deeper meaning

I haven’t seen anyone else talking about this, which is confusing me because it seems so obvious. Roses are in everything for Borderlands 3! They were in the Mask of Mayhem teaser, the box art, the newest trailer for Zane, and they were especially significant in the So Happy Together trailer.

I really want to focus on that last one, the So Happy Together trailer. The Celebration of Togetherness was hyped up big time by Gearbox, Randy, and even 2K, but we were all kinda let down by the fact that we all woke up super early just to get a random trailer (which I personally love) that didn’t give us much new info on anything. However, I think that there is so much more. Roses were used so much in that trailer, like Gearbox was literally shoving it in our face, telling us “these are important!” But I cannot find the significance by myself, and as I have not found another thread even mentioning roses, I thought I should make one.

So, what do you think the roses are meant to show? And did you even notice the prominence until I pointed it out? Let’s start a discussion.


I never post, just read, but I have been wondering why no one has brought this up until now. It’s obviously significant.

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I’m the same way, but after watching the Zane trailer with even more roses in it, I felt like I needed to say something to see if anyone else had noticed it. Maybe there is someone else like us out there who will see this and post a theory or something.

I noticed it right off the bat, with all the initial revels. Roses everywhere.

I don’t know if it’s related, but between that, the spreading madness of the psychos and info that end game has “guardian ranks” makes me think that in the end, we will go from Vault Hunters to Vault Guardians. The things sealed in the vaults are sealed for a reason. And like with BL2 and the Warrior, it appears Eridians already have some form of protection for their vaults, but we just keep killing everything. HAHAHA

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Got a few ideas, but this one does it for me.

"[the red rose] has always been an important symbol with anti-authoritarian associations."

Red roses are a staple of symbolism. Could be a stand-in for blood, royalty, affection, anger, lust, etc.
It could also just be the symbol they chose for the game. It could also be a fish (red herring joke). I mean, they’re not above trolling the audience. Sometimes a rose is just a rose… shrug


I was not aware of the link to socialism. Thats very interesting.
Time to write my thesis

Red Roses in Borderlands: Social Commentary or Just Decoration


That’s an interesting thought, and it honestly would make sense with the Watcher siding with us after TPS because it sided with the Lost Legion who were defending the vault.

This goes well with the religious themes that it seems like we’re getting in BL3.

Yeah, maybe Gearbox just wants us to overspeculate because they think it’s funny. I wouldn’t put it past them.


I grew up in USSR and that’s news to me. Red carnation, perhaps. Rose - not so much, IMHO.

A lot of it may simply be the contrast of the Rose which is normally associated with love being in contrast to the fantastical violence of the Borderlands series…

I don’t know…

That’s just what the Wiki says. I knew about the anti-authoritarian stuff, but the socialist symbol is news to me. Also, (no doubt due to my crappy/bias USA education), I was always under the impression that the USSR was headed by the CPSU who were Communist and not Socialist.

(However a detailed discussion upon that topic is probably a political discussion for different forums)

After doing some light reading, roses are often associated with female holy figures (Aphrodite, Venus, Isis, and the Virgin Mary to name a few prominent examples). This could possibly be in reference to Tyreen being called a god by the COV.

I also found a legend called the miracle of the roses in which roses “manifest” around a god or saint, usually a female presence. This goes well with the So Happy Together trailer as the roses are “manifesting” from the ground around the Vault Hunters.

Perhaps there is a deeper meaning, but maybe it is just alluding to Tyreen being seen as a god to the bandits of Pandora.

I think you’re forgetting what that third “S” in USSR (or “C” in CCCP) stands for :sunglasses: regardless of what it actually was (which is not for this thread)…

In the West at least, I’ve never heard of that association with Roses, just the color Red itself

edit: Jinx @CharmlessBee in English it’s the third “S”, is it the second in the Cyrillic?

Second 'S" in USSR actually stands for ‘Socialistic’ :). Communism was more of an end goal for the (very) distant future.

But yes, I agree, a bit offtopic here.

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Just because a word is in a title or name doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what it is. That also conflicts with the fact that they were led by the CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) which has “Communist” in its name, but I suppose it’s semantics at some point.

ANYHOW! Yea. I’m guessing the red roses are just their method of tossing in some anti-authoritarian symbolism and/or a symbol to help advertising. The vibrant red does stand out pretty nicely and contrasts with many of the other more muted colors of the wastelands. They’re certainly going for a slightly different style this time around. I mean, just look at the background of the forums/box-art compared to the previous games.

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Just because a word is in a title or name doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what it is

I know, that’s why I put “regardless of what it actually was” at the end of that sentence

I really hope for some more color in Bordlerands in general and it looks like we’re getting that in some of the worlds… I mean, I’ll take the interesting variety of weapons, skills, and the incredible enemy variety in BL2 and the DLC’s over some more colors…but why can’t we have all that and more colors in BL3? I go back to what I said earlier in this thread about it not only being a nice color contrast, but also a contrast between the themes of love and violence

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Probably because of all the roses on the cover art… just sayin


I mean, yea, but WHY is it on the box? In most media things are done with a purpose. A character doesn’t wear a blue shirt while their foil wears red simply because the author likes those colors. Sure, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but in this instance there is probably a meaning behind the phallic symbol… I mean rose…

I was wondering as well, but speculating about the meaning of roses is tricky as roses have so many cultural meanings. Some military called their bombs “roses”, religions lay down roses upon a grave to mourn or to celebrate a dead ones’ life, in writing roses can symbolize the bloom of something, rising to it’s peak or a red rose can wither away and die as a symbol of death. Also, a rose changing colors can be a sign of a life’s end or be a sign of betrayal. As a symbol of love it might also work here as we just don’t know if the Calypsos do what they do because Troy might otherwise die. The story might be kicked off by an act of love. Not to mention all the political meanings like revolution or “wind of change”.

In short: Roses as a symbol are that (over)used that it can be very hard to pin down the meaning before experiencing the medium. Doesn’t make a discussion about it less interesting though^^

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I’m more curious why there are faces on roses in the box art.

OK here is one: Guns-n-Roses! Get it? Also, intro song artist confirmed?