The removing players from game got real

Never seen much of it couple years ago playing on the ps3 after initial on the ps4,its a many players are booting people before a boss dies to be the only one to loot.
They want the help to reach the boss or to kill the boss tho.

Old tricks are the best tricks.

Now that PS4 is flooded with new comers to BL, it’s that much easier to cheap-shot somebody out of loot. That’s just the way it goes when you play with people you don’t know.

Real shame this kind of behavior exists.
Honestly, it’s one of the main reasons I primarily played Solo
been finding out recently that playing online with a consistent
partner is extremely fun though-

A possible solution might be if GBX made it so
if the boss drops his assigned loot, boss would drop according to the number of players
So if 3 players play and they hit the jackpot (assigned unique dropped), instead of just 1,
3 of the uniques will drop.

IE- if 4 players were farming Scorch, when the Hellfire decided to drop, 4 would drop at once.

Each are different enough that trades can still happen :smile:
so many parts and different elements!
and would discourage this kind of behavior

Its gotten pretty bad on Xbone also. I have resorted to 4 player couch gameplay with buddies and to be honest its much more fun than random pugs. I think BL2 might have just displaced Mario Kart 8 as four play game of choice :slight_smile:

I must add actual random Pug dogs are awesome online PuG’s not so much.

Yeah, I never play with randoms. The closest I’ll get is people I meet here for trades. Then we’ll know what kind of loot we both look for and sometimes decide to go farm something.

That’s worked out well. Met some good guys through this forum.

But yeah, the game is 1000% more fun playing with people. That’s how the game is designed. You CAN solo it, yes. But it’s not made for that.


It’s almost just as shameful that loot isn’t instanced. I’ve never booted people from my game but in some cases it is tempting. Still, these people should just play offline if they don’t like those people with seemingly infinite backpack space, hoovering everything up eithin sight.

Just keep your wits about you. Think about it like you’re a stranger, they’re a stranger.

The closest I’ve come to getting ripped off was when I had my game open to friends. I was in Sanctuary. A good guy I trade with joined my game. And one of his friends who I didn’t know joined it as well. No big deal.

However, on this playthrough, I keep all of my Good Loot Missions untouched. I saw the active mission change to Won’t Get Fooled Again. I immediately dashboard’ed out. Little bastard tried to steal my Law. But it’s whatever because I was keeping an eye on things.

Just know that strangers have no obligation to you, whatsoever. Not even if they’re in “your game.”

In all honesty, I’ll probably have to start kicking guests after boss battles too. Often it’s either that or getting no loot at all. Gonna invite them back after taking my share but still…

Problem with that is, if you run with the 4-player glitch, you could get multiple copies of a legendary weapon.

On second thought, DO IT! I could get 4 times the chances of getting something good! As opposed to killing 16 loot midgets ( Doctors orders ) and getting 4 purple relics, and nothing else.

Actually, I think it could end up encouraging that type of behaviour even more, because then the host who kicked the other players out would have 4 uniques/legendaries all for himself to choose the one with the best parts, prefix and element. Also, like @Lompoc_Carl said, it could be exploited by using the 4 player glitch, which I agree that it could be a good thing for extremely unlucky solo players, but I still think a simple slight increase in drop rate would be a far better solution to that particular problem.

Rule of thumb I think players should abide by (emphasis on “should”) as a courtesy to the host not to change missions. The host should be the only one that could change it. This is probably more likely wishful thinking but this is just my two cents worth.


This is why there should be an option to disallow guests picking missions. Maybe on Borderlands 3…


I can see why yes… but also, I can see why not.

Because where do you draw the line? Why am I going to join some stranger’s game if I have to ask permission for everything I do? I’m already ahead of him and at the Fast Travel, but I can’t hit the button because he never enabled it. I can’t pick up loot, unless he has a chance to review it and pass on the weapon.

You can’t just disallow and lock things because some people might take advantage of it. Then nobody is going to want to play with anybody.

I can never get a game worth playing. My luck isn’t as good I guess. People never want to help beat anyone with me.

What system are you? I’m ps3 and I’m on right now.

I’m certain they can program something into the games the prevents kicking of players after a boss is defeated (say a 5 minute limit in which no one can kick anyone off).

But then everyone just crabs anything they can without the regard for others! Nah, it’s better to keep host as the absolute dictator. Don’t like it, host your own game.

Would be interesting if every time you fought a raid boss there was a “no kick” option for the duration of the fight, and if you do choose to kick some one, you’d reset the boss.

Also, after the death of the boss, there is a 1 minute “no kick” period.

This should be patched into the game right away ._."

Guys, like I said, the host is supposed to call the shots! There shouldn’t be any no-kicking preriods, ever! Then the fastest would just crab all the best stuff and ditch the game.

The only somewhat foolproof way to make sure everyone gets their share after biggest bosses would probably be my kick-and-reinvite routine. (And of course warning your guests beforehand.) It’s not perfect, but it’s the best we got for now.

Tough I must admit, I haven’t won any raid bosses yet so I don’t know how that would work for them.