The Renegade : Golden Swarmer

Does anybody else notice a small golden swarmer around at certain parts during The Renegade? Most noticeably is when passing under a bridge, you see it climbing straight up one of the supports, rather than charging and trying to attack you.
After noticing it there during my first play through, I decided it MUST be special. I’ve tried multiple times since then to shoot it, and always chalked it up to just bad luck/aim. Anybody else notice it and try to shoot it? Anything pop out? Did I somehow just miss in over 4 other playthroughs?

I haven’t seen it so far. Can you try to get a screenshot of it the next time you play? Or video? :open_mouth: Sounds very interesting.

Oooh, this is interesting, time to go hunting I guess, definitely grab a screenshot if you can.

I’ll try to, but it’ll be rather hard on Xbox (console pleb XD), as it moves quickly. But tommorow I’ll at least get the exact spot written down for anyone to investigate of they want.
I believe I also noticed it jumping around the cliffsides JUST before the first wave at the first Defense area. But I could be mistaken, as the Swarmers in this level are yellow…
But yeah, the one at the bridge is a lot…glowier? It’s obviously different.

AFAIK there are multiple of them, not just one. A lot of warmers you can’t damage.
When you activate the very first generator for the very first Tower Defense, a dozen of small golden Swarmers jump from the lave puddles and run to hide under the crates. They are undamageable. I also spotted a few in the slope leading to the second TD. there are a few structures - beams, really - and two/three swarmers climbing them hastily to hide.

I’ve been considering them all as critters that add a little life to the world, but I may try again with a ranged character ( I almost play only a melee so… ) just to try and hit one ?