The Renegade: how I FINALLY got Gold with only 3 people!

Let me tell you right now the score threshold is between 75000 and 90000. After about 100 hours of Battleborn and most of it put in to story mode I found a way to get crazy amounts of score with little effort actually.

My method requires Kleese and a far amount of knowledge as to how he works. Second is Gear and some very perticuler pieces at that.

So lets start with Gear shall we? You will need a White Quality, 0 cost, 2.10 Shards per second Gear that will in no way effect your damage output. I prefer Reload Speed or Heal power as my negetive stat (these are Jennerite and Rogue faction gear pieces). If your playing Kleese then reload speed dose not effect his chair energy so by all means!
Next you need a Purple Quality, LLC faction, Reduced Buildable Cost/ Shards Per second gear. These are not to incredibly elusive if you are a Story Junky like myself. ( I would recommend playing LLC Battleborn up to Rank 12 to get both there LLC faction pack and an Epic loot pack both with some kind of chance at this gear)
Lastly this is an easy one just get any Purple LLC gear with good stats that has a secondary stat that is more negetive Buildable Cost Primary stat us up to you and your drops.

Now the second factor is what I am now calling "Kleese’s CRAZZY Quick KillZ!!!"
You may have seen it in the Renegade, a Kleese doing decent damage keeping up with the group in damage and score then you get to Defending Caldarius while he is powering up and BAMMM! Doubles the best damage on the score board and now has 40 more kills all in less then a Minute. Kleese has a powerful Helix Combo that will result in devastating amounts of damage in an incredibly short time. The catch is… it is an area of effect that is less then mobile. The Renegades last defense objective has set spwans each wave and Kleese can trap one to kill every enemy that spwans there in less then 20 seconds ergo beating the quick kill times. The Helix combo is as fallows,
Level 4: Rift Network
Level 6: Bulk Savings
Level 8: Brawn befor Brains
This will allow you to multiply your Rift damage output 6 times over AND make them attack more often created a deadly area of effect even Elites cant survive. Br sure that when placing Your Rift Network You Make not just a box but a box with an X in it. You want all the Rifts conected as it DOSE in fact farther increase there damage output past ×4 to x6. Even though you cover less area you will beat all the quick kill timers thus getting you bonus score you need.

Now that we covered that the other things to know is that the shards per second should allow you to have all you gear up before you clear the first Defence Objective and will now give you more then enough shards to buy EVERY buildable in the stage. This will score you even more points build Temporal or reapir drones to help you out. Build all 3 thumper turrets at the enterence to the second defence point. Put Inferno and temporal traps EVERY WHERE!!! Lastly make sure you set up you Rift network at the SECOND waves spawn at the last defense point. Enemies will spawn there at both the second and last wave of the mission.

Hope this helps others get the gold!

Stay Badass all!

Aren’t you suppose not to build tumper at the second defense, or else it will destroy the spawn…hooks?

I’m not certain, but I think the actual Star Rating is close to 80,000 for getting Gold on Normal. I finally got it last week with about 80,900 total score and previously I was getting 75,000+ and still only Silver. So challenging though with randoms!!

otherwise, just dont rush the last boss down, when he goes outside, he spawns a lot of adds to kill

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I’ve also done it with a 3 man team easily, and ended with 90,000. We had 2 people go as kleese and 1 as Miko. The trick is to coordinate attacks to fulfill as many of the quick kill counters as you can. Building turrets is a bad idea as they will trigger the kill counters. On the first section we serve our rifts around the front stairs by the defense objective. You simply need to hold down shock taser near your rifts to kill anything that gets close for the first two waves. You will most likely have to go kill a few ranged stragglers but coordinate to attack at the same time and kill them quickly for more points. On the third wave, 1 kleese should move his rifts behind the point to take on those pesky exploding bugs or simply use your shock taser to take them out. Once finished pick up all bonus orbs and make sure to check all the chests.

On the second defense section, both kleese put rifts at defense point. Miko can put his mushroom there too but he probably won’t have the level 10 damage unlocked yet. Start the waves and shock any enemy that begin to get damaged by your rifts. Once the boss spawns, let him come all the way down to the point, onto your rifts. Kill him quickly, along with his pal. Pretty straightforward. Pick up all bonus orbs. Move to bridge.

Coordinate on the bridge. Be sure to go underneath and kill the enemy that spawn/open chests. Clear out the last defense point, again killing as quickly as possible.

Before you activate the waves, have kleese1 set all 4 of his rifts on the pad where the second wave spawns. The other kleese sets his rifts on the first spawn pad. Both kleese can wait up top for the spawn beacon to drop and destroy it when it does. Miko by this point should have the damaging mushroom and can watch the bottom doorway inside, on the outer perimeter of the building (same side as where wave 1 spawns). Before wave 2 starts, the kleese who put his rifts where wave 1 spawns should move his to the other pad then move up top to take down spawn beacon. Miko should move to wave 2 side but still go to defend the outer perimeter door. On wave 3 move all rifts inside to the center. Miko too. Once wave 3 is dead move all rifts back toward that corner where the boss spawns. Push the shielded and boss onto them. Taser them and kill them quickly. Pick up bonus tokens that fall out midway and after kill.

Gear doesn’t really matter but I take the Pacifier, skill damage, and cool down gear. And I set kleese up like,-1,1,-1,-1,-1,0,1,-1,-1,

Doing this with 3 people can be far easier that trying it with 5 since it’s harder to coordinate targets with more people. I’m sure this post was long and unnecessary and probably confusing, but hopefully it’ll help someone.

Me and my friends tested it by not picking up ANY bonus score and your right its 75k pluse probably on every difficulty but advanced Hardcore where I imagine it is a bit lower.

OK this is so helpful lol because I thought I was the only one peaking at silver on normal. Problem is everyone today simply rushes the boss and doesn’t watch the score, I can only assume they no longer need to as they probably got gold already.