The renegade mini boss bug?

Not sure if this is across every system but I play on ps4 so this is where I’m putting it. In the renegade at the end of both the defence points before the last, there is a miniboss/named enemy at the end of the wave. This is also the case on the saboteur(which I will be comparing it to as they are the same mission type). Now then in the saboteur both of these minibosses drop the standard boss lootsplosion after they die(gotten a legendary from both), however in the renegade none of the named enemies/minibosses actually have a lootsplosion. Was this intended or is this a major bug?

You mean the base defense captains or whatever they are in The Saboteur? I wondered if they dropped legendaries, what did you get?

i got a time killer from the first boss and a quartermastery bin from the varelsi maligner

The Maligner is known to drop legendaries I know that much, never heard of the captains dropping anything though. Did you record this?

I’ve gotten a time killer from thrall supervisor in saboteur as well, BUT as the thread title says he’s referring to The Renegade in which during the first 2 defense points after the 3rd wave there are big thrall supervisors? (Never paid attention to there name) that don’t drop loot like the one in The Saboteur.

Dunno if bug or not sorry OP

I was saying that the minibosses in the renegade dropped nothing that other bosses drop and was using the saboteur as an example since they are the same kind of mission

Sorry, I meant to say The Renegade lol >.<

I’ve noticed this too, no sources indicate any known unique drops from the captains. I hope this is a bug and is fixed in future, sucks playing through an entire mission for only one chance at a legendary drop.

Yes I agree The Archive and The Renegade should have atleast one other boss for sure

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I don’t play The Archive solely for that reason, all that running back and forth for one boss? The Experiment is a similar scenario, except you get two bosses. I prefer long raids with lots of chests and bosses, I see no reason to play missions with less rewards unless there’s something really special to obtain, such as 3/4 of Jailer Hylis’s drops. At least it’s a quick mission.

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For sure, Jailer Hylis has all the goodies. After 4 gauntlet drops finally got a perfect one but oath of the sustained and Leechsteel brooch evade me to no end

I want the Vow, I REALLY want the Vow! I want to test it on Phoebe in combination with her legendary and the Boots of the Brute to see which have better synergy. So far I only have Phoebe’s legendary :frowning:

Ahh yes boots of the brute would love a pair of those, going to work on phoebes lore as soon as I finish mellka, just need 15 varellsi with claw lunge and done with hers.
If I get the boots anytime in the future I’ll test them out, are you trying to run all 3 at once? That’s…a bit costly heh

Nah can’t run them all, Phoebe’s legendary is a pair of shoes. I wanna see which works better with the Vow.
I seldom run legendaries because they’re so costly lol, I only ever ran three legendaries in beta when I had the Plasmite Transuducer.

Ahh yea duh blade dancers shoes forgot about that lol, yes I only ever run 1 maaaybe 2 if I run a 0 cost 2.1 shard generator.

Usually 1 legendary and 2 red text epics

I almost always run 0 cost shard gear. The only legendary I have that I like using is a perfect “Go-Go” Juice. I did run a perfect Song of Vigor until I found a flawed epic syringe with the same primary and secondary effects. The unique effect on the Song of Vigor is currently bugged :frowning:

I have a perfect roll Firmware Update that I use on Orendi that is just ridiculously good. I want Go Go Juice for my Orendi as well, where did you get yours at?

I was trying to get Voxis Core (spent like 60k credits on Jennerit packs) to no avail, but I’m stocking credits now to see what they end up doing with it.

I got mine from the legendary loot pack for reaching CR 100. Firmware Update, what does that do again?

-7% cooldown
+5.6% sprint speed
7% chance for reducing all skills cooldown by 2 seconds every time you use a skill

That’s a max roll, works great for the cooldown queen herself

Nice! I imagine the Voxis Core would habe been awesome on Orendi, especially with her level 10 mutation.

Yesss that’s why I wanted it lol, couple few legendaries are perfect for her its be hard to choose lol
I use a +140 shield, +4.2% skill damage, -21% reload speed epic battery on her at the moment. Only cost 756 shards