"The Renegade" mission intro

I have been having this trouble for quite a while and it isn’t getting any better. Any one else have a problem where when trying to play The Renegade mission on advanced and normal in public and private where it just does the intro scene but freezes when deande is talking about caldarius for a long time? I can’t even play the mission at all and that’s the only one i don’t have gold on normal.

Edit: i just tried it again and after like 5-10 minutes of waiting, it started going through the rest of the intro and then finally loaded but then my game crashes and quits battleborn out completely. This is getting ridiculous.

I haven’t had that problem in the past, no. Haven’t played that mission for a bit - not since the update anyway - so I’ll try it out later and see what happens.

The problem started when i picked battleborn back up which was either last weekend or earlier this week. I haven’t had the problem before that which was like a year ago.

Can you just skip the intro, or no?

No, it’s basically the loading screen to get the level loaded but it always freezes and then crashes after it unfreezes.

Absolutely no problem private normal mode. It sounds like you have some data corruption. If this is all happening before you even get to the select character screen, then you might need to reinstall the game.

Thinking about it, I know there were some map fixes in the last update, but I don’t recall if any were for Renegade. You might want to check that the update actually completed properly.

Actually, reinstalling isn’t a bad idea. I didn’t even think of that.

@VaultHunter101 thank you so much!
Reinstalling it did the trick
And you were right to assume that it crashed before the character select screen
Thank you again!

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Glad you’re back in the game!