The renegade silver score requirement?

Does anyone know what exactly the point requirement for getting silver on the Renegade is? I have played through the Renegade twice solo on advanced but only manage to get a bronze every time.

No clue, but I am very interested in finding out. Ran it a ton solo on both normal and advanced, but can’t seem to get above bronze. On most of the normal missions, it’s 50k or above, but no clue on advanced. Only mission I have gotten silver or above on solo advanced so far was Heliophage. Got a silver with 90k

It feels like the point requirement is a little too high for solo play honestly. At least with the archive you could just grind but you can’t do that for this. Unless it’s entirely based on how many swarmers you manage to kill before they suicide into you, the thrall or the generator.

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Okay since I just managed to get silver solo let me go ahead and say what strategy I used. I used Kleese for this since his energy rifts will one shot primal thralls and swarmers and he generally deals a decent amount of damage, in the ravine leading to the first defense point, make sure you take the bottom path as there’s about 15 to 20 swarmers you can kill there, you may want to hold off activating gear and place a few inferno traps in the first area. Place your energy rifts on the stairs leading right to the point, and one directly on the point as they will blow up any swarmers that go near it. Also place one smack dab in the middle, this will get the ones that go after the thralls. Take the helix that lets your taser arc and let you place more rifts as well as not only will this be good for the swarmers but very good for the next two areas. Make sure in the second defense point you get the giant chest and the bonus score it drops and place your rifts where the thralls land after jumping, as well guarding the doorway and staircase going up. On the bridge, place your rifts where the anchor’s land but not directly on them, you want the thrall to run through them as leaving a rifton the anchor will just kill it and you will lose points for not killing the thrall. Go under the bridge as there are some chests and thrall down there, clear both sides of the building as there are some thrall you may miss, then find the big chest in the building. Build inferno traps and thumpers, then place a rift in the front doorway, it’s the one that doesn’t lead to a landing pad, one on each landing pad and then one in the doorway of your choosing. At this point just kill until Helix shows up, once his guards die grab every last orb Helix drops, then kill all the thrall he spawns. Make sure when he retreats to the landing pad you kill him in the middle to prevent score from flying off the edge. My final score was 57k and that got me enough for silver.

I do all of this but using oscar mike, I get almost everything, but the boss always dies and gyms fly off the platform, literally i was 17 points away from being at 50k or is it 500k points and i know thats where silver is at for me on advanced solo all my other missions if i get over that point it’s silver if under not silver. It’s so frustrating man i have given up at getting ghalt this way and will just get him from getting level 40 ugh… oh well can’t win everything i suppose.

I think you might be right. I have been able to get silver or better on everything except renegade and the archive solo. Oh well. I still have 20 more Battleborn I haven’t touched yet, playwise (Ghalt included). That ought to tide me over until I can unlock him.

Really? I’ve never gotten bronze on renegade before. It is probably one of the missions I have played the most due to how good it is for farming kills for lore.